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    Hey c:

  2. Posted by susangoi ,

    Hello everyone

  3. Posted by lavi_golden ,

    Anyone around and still doing pokemon rps?

  4. Posted by Damon_Salvatore_the_bad_boy ,

    @otohime I'll be a male charizard

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  7. Posted by definitlynotdirty ,

    Hello! Anyone want to do a Pokémon DRP?

  8. Posted by theegyptianresort ,

    I want to do a lewd Pokemon rp. Anyone want to try? You're the Pokemon. You can choose your pokemon, but you have to post first. If you want to rp, just post any intro you want. I'll be a scientist/researcher for pokemon, and you can be a wild pokemon. For females, I'm a hermaphrodite. For males, I'm female.

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