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    [Do we wanna try to revive it?]

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    It had potential too.

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    Awe 😔

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    @skellymouse dead. :/ ))

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    What's this?

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    [ Sorry for being gone, been busy. I can throw up a post in a bit.]

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    @skoomadealer ))

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    I got carried away I’m so sorry 😂))

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    If Ali closed his eyes and breath, he’d be able to hear the chime-like murmurs from things not from this world. Their words danced like songs inside his head, their faces incomprehensible to the human mind. But that wasn’t what Ali had came out here to do, and insanity was not something he look forward to. He tune them out— or try to— humming quietly to himself a tune or other as he walked along the snow-dusted cobblestones. His trip takes him round the town, and he was able to bask in the unusual quietness of this particular freezing morning. Such a shame, Ali thought, he enjoyed the loud bustle of people on their usual routines. In his arms was a bag of necessities that he’d went out to get; potion ingredients, or mundane, everyday things. Something caught his eye as he walked, and he paused to take in the sight. Travelling caravans... now those were rare. You don’t see them often, and usually the people that lived in those caravans have interesting stories to tell. Ali stepped closer to the caravan to study them, sweeping his cascading hair out from the grips of the wind. @bloodfeather

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    The city of Gredima held a cold air. The morning dew was lightly frosted and a heavy cloud of fog laid on the rooftops. Gredima was quiet, but far from silent. Apothecary cart wheels could be heard rolling over the cobblestone roads towards the market, the quiet murmuring of people on their familiar routines and the like all filled the air of the city. On the outskirts lied a string of travelling caravans. Despite the usefulness and the church's newfound reliance on the Realmspeakers, many were homeless or in hiding from the recent attacks on the city. On this particularly cold morning, wrapped in a sheepskin blanket, Dryth sat in the caravan camp. As she sat she worked on repairing a small hole in a child's cloak. She sewed silently and listened to the voices from the other side whisper quietly inside her ear. @thresherc88 @cyanide_latte

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