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  1. Posted by sombra_4_life ,

    This is Kaitlyn

  2. Posted by sombra_4_life ,

    I wanna be the Gamer Girl. Name: Kaitlyn Humble Age: 16 Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight

  3. Posted by yannnna ,

    i'm here children !! //

  4. Posted by chiggennuggits ,

    Urinetown is also good))

  5. Posted by chiggennuggits ,

    @jason_dean do iiiittttt))

  6. Posted by limonytrash ,

    @limeade I'll definitely have to listen to it ))

  7. Posted by chiggennuggits ,

    @jason_dean yeah same,,, I still listen to the music tho. Waitress is good, I didn't think I'd like it bc it kinda sounded like country but then I listened and I was like yo,, this is my shit))

  8. Posted by limonytrash ,

    @limeade Oohhhh, havent heard Waitress yet, but it's on my list. Kinda moved away from Hamilton if I'm honest ))

  9. Posted by chiggennuggits ,

    Hamilton is good as well 👌👌👌))

  10. Posted by chiggennuggits ,

    @jason_dean Yesssss,,, waitress is lit af too))

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