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  1. Posted by brixion ,

    I'm working tonight but I'll be checking this.

  2. Posted by Plut0 ,

    Name: Sam Age: 17 Height: 5'4 Weight: 102lbs Gender: Female S/O: Nobody really knows Birthday: February 6th Race: Caucasian Species: Human Strengths: Tells lots of jokes Loyal Trustworthy Basic first aid skills Basic survival skills Weaknesses: Physically weak Snaps under pressure Can't say no Heavy sleeper Iron deficient Somewhat of a picky eater Likes: Music, The smell of fire, the feeling of a bed after a long day of work Dislikes: White noise, silence, awoken abruptly, the cold

  3. Posted by vevo ,

    @amnesiac heyyy and yeah lol ;;

  4. Posted by vevo ,


  5. Posted by brixion ,

    7:36am here and I just arrived at work ;-;

  6. Posted by remyenfunky ,

    @ughtenshi sleep well !))

  7. Posted by chibitenshi ,

    Yup! Sounds good, night ^^ //

  8. Posted by vevo ,

    I'll still Rp tho, but we can start in the morning when we find one more person ;;

  9. Posted by remyenfunky ,

    12:25 pm here in Holland lmao))

  10. Posted by vevo ,

    Yikes same it's 5:25am for me;;

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