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  1. Posted by vanilla_frost ,

    @wolfy325 *vanilla smiles and wakes* good afternoon

  2. Posted by wolfy325 ,

    @vanilla_frost Hm? *Jake open lift his head up and looks at you. He took off the hood and revealed his face*

  3. Posted by vanilla_frost ,

    @wolfy325 *I poke you *

  4. Posted by wolfy325 ,

    @vanilla_frost *his arm twitched a bit as he reposition himself*

  5. Posted by vanilla_frost ,

    @wolfy325 *I smile and touch it again *

  6. Posted by wolfy325 ,

    @vanilla_frost *His hand didnt move but it continues to glow. The man still had his hood over his head and face*

  7. Posted by vanilla_frost ,

    @wolfy325 *I get curious and touch it*

  8. Posted by wolfy325 ,

    @vanilla_frost *The green gem on tip of his palm glows on and off*

  9. Posted by vanilla_frost ,

    @wolfy325 *I blink again and sit across from him curious*

  10. Posted by wolfy325 ,

    @vanilla_frost *The man didnt wake up but he moved slightly revealing his red armored arm*

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