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    @babygirl18 you on?

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    @betteroffdead eh kinda

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    Is this place still running?

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    @userlessrose she blinks and smiles taking his hand nodding "ok *

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    “Ah I see, thanks so much.. Come, eat with me.” He smiled happily and held a hand out.

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    @userlessrose "oh right sorry well I made pancakes"

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    @vanilla_frost “I know, I’m just teasing.” He laughed softly and sat down. Yes, the first side of him wished Kobaru was sitting next to him. And the other half, told himself that he was where he should be now. Not suffering.

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    @userlessrose "I'm not really five I look five because I made myself look five "

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    @vanilla_frost “..ah, I gotta repay this girl..” he got up weakly and headed to the dining room. He patted her head. “Look at you, five years old and making breakfast. What a sight.”

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