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    @jinxsy this is the academy one.))

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    In the blue, cloudy skies, flew a huge Griffin, covered in light blue feathers. It screeched as it flew, calling to the one riding on it's back. The creature in question on the Griffin's back, was a man. An ordinary man with magic powers, and who could control essentially any aviary creature or animal. He was Edward Brockman. Commanding the Griffin to land, the creature nodded, and landed toward a group of students, as well as Ester and Madam Mim, two of his colleagues. Edward is a monster hunter as well as a professor and instructor for the taming academy, so it would be a great deal of help if he were a staff member. @bloodfeather @zarathos @skellymouse @lordlucifer

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    Lmao! Alright, gimme a sec.)) @bloodfeather

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    @highwaystar lmao as you pass by. Lol))

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    So grumble? Lmao @bloodfeather ))

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    @highwaystar they havent met you yet. Im currently harrassing students for disrespecting me. Lmao. You could swoop in and introduce yourself to them))

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    Where do I jump in?))

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    Ester took a step back and looked at Madam Mim as Alexander reached towards Eldling. The stag breathed at Alexander and closed his eyes. The electric on his antlers made a quiet hum. Elding pushed his forehead into Alexander's hand. At first nothing happened, Alexander was able to run his fingers through the soft fur on the stag's head. Once he began to pull away from Eldling a short weak arc of electricity zapped the palm of Alexander's hand. It wouldn't hurt, simply scare the boy. Eldling huffed quietly as if he was scoffing at his own joke. @zarathos @skellymouse

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    Alexander considered again, weighing his personal safety for the worth of petting the surely soft coat of fur. "Well, I suppose a moment wouldn't hurt. I don't think you would purposefully harm me." Alexander squatted down in front of Elding, and did nothing but look at him, his eyes doing more talking than his mouth. He was trying to convey what he wanted, hopefully without pain or regret. Alex's voice was clear and unbroken as he asked Elding if he could touch his fur. "May I?" Were the only words uttered, and hopefully they were enough. @bloodfeather

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    Ester looked at the boy as he declined the opportunity. She felt like she had scared him. It was a tiny but amusing to her. "Its fine. He wont hurt you. The electric in his antlers is only a way to harness lightning. The rest of him is.. relatively harmless." She spoke calmly and looked at the girl. "Do you still want to, dear?" She asked as her fingers ran through Eldling's fur as if to show Alexander that it was perfectly safe. @zarathos @lordlucifer

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