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  1. Posted by メzeroメ zero7360_gam30v3r,

    @luka_awinita Niiiiice

  2. Posted by luka_awinita luka_chiyoko_gam30v3r,

    Image attachment

  3. Posted by tallyhall ,

    @peanutbutter okay, you get a pass. @quinn don’t be like that, smh.

  4. Posted by switch snas_quinny_gam30v3r,

    @e621 || I don't wanna l i v e .

  5. Posted by sprout ,

    @e621 I had hummus a few days ago.

  6. Posted by tallyhall ,

    @peanutbutter @quinn heresy, if you aren’t eating hummus, you aren’t living.

  7. Posted by sprout ,

    @e621 Oh, kinda the same lol. Except instead of hummus, cereal.

  8. Posted by switch snas_quinny_gam30v3r,

    Relatable. Besides the hummus part.

  9. Posted by tallyhall ,

    @peanutbutter eating hummus, being sick, dying. the usual. and yourself?

  10. Posted by sprout ,

    @e621 Not much, you?

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