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  1. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    I know the feeling. Lol.

  2. Posted by alphawolf12321 ,

    I just can’t get back into it

  3. Posted by alphawolf12321 ,

    @triforce16nerdacious thank you! I’ll try these out. I’ve just been drawing this one portrait for a while and I have taken a break. I need to finish it but I really don’t want to carry on. I’m just feeling a bit uninspired.

  4. Posted by inhaleabarofsoap_80 ,

    Taking a break helps

  5. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    @alphawolf12321 music? Sometimes that helps me. Otherwise force yourself to draw or look for a new character from a show or book or movie to like and draw them

  6. Posted by alphawolf12321 ,

    Does anyone know a good way to get out of artist’s block?

  7. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,


  8. Posted by inhaleabarofsoap_80 ,


  9. Posted by Triforce16nerdacious ,

    Good. U?

  10. Posted by inhaleabarofsoap_80 ,


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