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    So now that this is private now are we ever going to start?

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    @spacetea ?

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    @creampuff wat

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    Axel S. Gray “Scratch my back,I’ll scratch yours.” Male | Delta | 21 Bisexual Axel is independent,a loner and a hardworking wolf.He hates socializing but only due to the fact that he’s quite shy.Known for his amazing swordsmen ship he’s quite amazing at it as well as hand to hand combat.Once someone gets to know him he’s not so rough around the edges. Likes: Sleeping,cooking,and practicing his fighting styles. Dislikes: Annoying people,loud public places,to many orders.

  6. Posted by scaredy_cat ,

    May I join as the herbalist?

  7. Posted by gallant ,

    This is not fucking gross at all.

  8. Posted by sweetpeach ,

    🍑 Placeholder 🍑

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    (A place holder for interest)

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