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Looking for people for a huge rp(rp inspired by game of thrones) 18+ only

  1. Afro_geekwoman The rp plot is still under construction but I want it to have a game of thrones feel mixed in with science fiction. Plot: A master chooses 5 new apprentice to give a gift they could never dream of. What will these students learn and take from their masters? Will they follow their teaching or will they use it for evil gain. All apprentices are traveled into a different dimension from modern times. The settings of the different word is that of the Renaissance settings. (Everything else that science fiction related will be explain later.) Head master mage: me Senior master: @silkwick Junior master 1(junior masters are master who just became masters): Apprentice 1:me Apprentice 2: Apprentice 3: Apprentice 4 Apprentice 5: Clans Astra Lord of astra Leo Lord of leo Rose Lord of rose Sun Lord of sun (Arsta and leo are enemy clans. Clan alliance/ememies subject to change over the rp) Rules: Anyone wanting to be in this rp have to be over 18 in real life. I don't rp with minors All the characters in the rp have to be over the age of 18 Everyone have their own stories to tell so be creative on how you want it to be. Just make sure it doesn't op other characters or the main plot of the rp No talking in first person Characters are first come first serve. The first person who post their bio on the page are the ones who will get the spot. So if you want something you need to post a bio as soon as you can or you will not get the spot officially.

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