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  1. Posted by scorpionqueen ember0214_gam30v3r,

    Hey guys)

  2. Posted by wago_the_monster ,

    Dead af

  3. Posted by wago_the_monster ,


  4. Posted by midnightwolf413 ,

    @wago_the_monster perhaps you should join the chats g rn

  5. Posted by wago_the_monster ,

    It's fine@midnightwolf413

  6. Posted by midnightwolf413 ,

    @wago_the_monster hey sorry if i dont reply im in the furry rp chat rn

  7. Posted by wago_the_monster ,

    I even have bipolar depression as well.. but enough about me@midnightwolf413

  8. Posted by midnightwolf413 ,

    @wago_the_monster Yea i understand that, i personally am not bipolar but do suffer from depression.

  9. Posted by wago_the_monster ,

    That's cool.. and mine was just terrible cuz.. well TBH I'm not sure with me being bipolar@midnightwolf413

  10. Posted by midnightwolf413 ,

    @wago_the_monster ears lower having hoped you had a joyful day although understanding not everyone does. "why was your day so bad? Also mine was good, fishtailed a car into a ditch on my way to orientation for a job but got there with me and the car perfectly in peace."

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