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  1. Posted by darkrif ,

    That’s cool with me

  2. Posted by differentkindofcomfort ,

    Ah gotcha. I can send my starter. However it will be very long.

  3. Posted by darkrif ,

    That’s Darkrif

  4. Posted by darkrif ,

  5. Posted by darkrif ,

    Actually no that’s just one of my favorites because I’m a huge nine inch nails fan

  6. Posted by differentkindofcomfort ,

    Profile picture.

  7. Posted by darkrif ,

    I really just know the basics

  8. Posted by darkrif ,

    Sorry I’m still trying to get the hang of all this

  9. Posted by darkrif ,


  10. Posted by differentkindofcomfort ,

    Hmmm, I’m assuming your character is your pfp?

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