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  1. Posted by damien ,

    @zerum You want some meds for that cough or you gonna answer?

  2. Posted by aeropostale 🎧,

    @eden COuGh

  3. Posted by Bakasura ,

    @kotomi I forgot you had school.

  4. Posted by damien ,

    @zerum Wtf were you doing that night ---->

  5. Posted by exzerath ,

    Doesn't it have a series?

  6. Posted by aeropostale 🎧,

    No wonder people ask for it.

  7. Posted by aeropostale 🎧,

    That’s a long ass name for an anime

  8. Posted by damien ,

    @rin Ahem. Dm

  9. Posted by aeropostale 🎧,


  10. Posted by rin ,

    It's literally Bakemonogatari.

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