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  1. Posted by uguisumaru ,

    Ez kills.

  2. Posted by chubo ,

    @tsuyu You treating me like a nugget ;~;

  3. Posted by umbreon ,

    @theta || Thetaaaaa.

  4. Posted by uguisumaru ,

    All ya gotta do is camp in a corner.

  5. Posted by elise ,

    @chubo Hehe!

  6. Posted by dulcet4213 ,

    Gambatte Bane.

  7. Posted by dulcet4213 ,

    Ewww Rainbow.

  8. Posted by uguisumaru ,

    Good luck Bane.

  9. Posted by Fallen ,

    @immaculate || That's embarrassing. . . •His peripherals looked to her, the air in his cheeks letting loose. He turned back to her, hands reaching up to cup both of her cheeks. Thumbs brushed along the skin in comfort, moving to steal a kiss on the very tip of her nose.• Even.

  10. Posted by Bane ,

    Imma go try and make old blood proud by getting good at rainbow 6

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