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  1. Posted by 2dワ ,

    @min Never been pounded before.

  2. Posted by truna ,

    @dabii >Ground and pounded him.

  3. Posted by 2dワ ,

    @min •he fell over• Ack!!

  4. Posted by truna ,

    @dabii >Tackles him. I will. DESTROY YOU.

  5. Posted by 2dワ ,

    My cereal’s still dry.

  6. Posted by Babymetal ,

    You're cool and all in this life... But I don't trust you so Die

  7. Posted by 2dワ ,

    u wot?

  8. Posted by Widowmaker ,

    @dio its your fav auzzie

  9. Posted by joannalovve ,

    are you bored, free for play in wet game > goo.gl/d34sUf

  10. Posted by queenjane ,

    Put that in your bio

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