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  1. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Also, I understand about school. I never expect reviews to happen quickly anyways.

  2. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    It's fine. I would normally say that you would need to fill out a form on Google. But if you DM me, I can send it through email. If not, I can also make a page on my website to host the filds from. Your choice.

  3. Posted by avalonia ,

    Ooh okie, I can read an gove a review. But it’ll probably take me some time since I’m busy with school and extracurricular activities))

  4. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Also, I based that off of my short story that tends to be in the top 100 in free Teen&Young Adult on Amazon.

  5. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    Basically a werewolf and a human living in a society of werewolves. One is nuts and experiments with the blood of natural borns and cursed. The villian attempts to create the ultimate werewolf hybrid. That's just the basics of it.

  6. Posted by avalonia ,

    What’s it’s about?

  7. Posted by deadpool42 ,

    (Shivers go down my spine and my body is filled with disgust and fear)

  8. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    My latest book is at 36K with 10 chapters to go.

  9. Posted by kokiriforestresident_78 K,

    That's only a novella XD. My fanfic is 47K

  10. Posted by deadpool42 ,

    I'm not touching that

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