58 Messages  |  6 PEOPLEFor people who play fortnite on xbox one

  1. Posted by Kazuki_Sato ,

    @did_you_miss_me stop joining my chats harassing me idiot

  2. Posted by mike_wazowski_is_me ,


  3. Posted by mike_wazowski_is_me ,

    @kazuki_sato Fortnite is fucking gay, and Marcy is gonna let me back in the bored bar, cum guzzling gutter slut

  4. Posted by unknownn_name ,

    @dingo @ratatouille @bowlsbowls @british_assassin Mine too https://www.fortnite-vbucks.net/?id=wbzZ9LRQ

  5. Posted by AlphaOmega ,

    @ratatouille @bowlsbowls @british_assassin @mad812 @kornie__ @british_assassin @british_assassin @chosenxshadow @british_assassin @british_assassin @chosenxshadow @british_assassin https://www.fortnite-vbucks.net/?id=byX3VtFk please go on this link, it’s the official epic games vbucks giveaway but I have to share it to get the vbucks

  6. Posted by ratatouille ,

    What’s going on here

  7. Posted by ratatouille ,


  8. Posted by bowlsbowls ,

    Does anyone have a mobile code PLEEESE

  9. Posted by British_assassin E,


  10. Posted by mad822 ,

    Xbox one lovers who wants to play

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