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  1. Posted by chaos_rose ,

    Anyone up for a star wars romance rp?

  2. Posted by commanderazrael ,

    I live

  3. Posted by sebby_hates_you_bitch ,

    Hello become alive

  4. Posted by king_kullen ,


  5. Posted by King_of_Gotham ,

    Is dead ?

  6. Posted by ryujin belarus_gam30v3r,

    @darkened2835 Same

  7. Posted by darkened2835 ,

    I just came back after months long of not caring

  8. Posted by kyle0_0 ,

    @apathy I think the chat is more ignored than the people

  9. Posted by apathy ,

    I miss this chat

  10. Posted by semisweetnekogirl ,

    @kyle_the_gamer i guess

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