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    @happyhippy (okay)

  2. Posted by jessalynn1234 ,

    Can I dm you? @_khan_ )

  3. Posted by Tartaras sanguineus_gam30v3r,

    (Different chat)

  4. Posted by jessalynn1234 ,

    Anyone on?))

  5. Posted by shinigamiツ ,

    Ashton sat at a table reading a western book while smoking a cigarette. He smiled as he was enjoying the gunfights and action that he was reading feeling so drawn into the book. "Damn this book keeps getting better" he said as the drama and action picks up in intensity then he smiled letting out a puff

  6. Posted by Tartaras sanguineus_gam30v3r,

    Anyone around?)

  7. Posted by error ,

    (*poke*) @happyhippy

  8. Posted by error ,

    @happyhippy (its chill)

  9. Posted by jessalynn1234 ,

    (Sorry. I keep forgetting! Thanks for the reminder @error ))

  10. Posted by error ,

    @happyhippy (tags are important)

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