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    @minatoramon hey

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    My eyes open wide do to not knowing what she is doing

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    @forbidden_warrior “Mhmm!” Vivian stood, taking the bag from the Pokémon’s hands and digging into it for a brief moment, before pulling out what looked like a tiny ball, one that could be held in a hand. Vivian turned the device, allowing the ‘front’ of it to face the Lucario. However, before her got a chance to respond, she poked him on the nose with the item, causing it to open and a strange feeling overwhelm the Pokémon’s senses.

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    @shye lucario looked down at the trainers bag and begins to pick it up. Picking the bag up,lucario walks over to his partner to give her the bag "this? "

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    @forbidden_warrior “Hmm, alright, I’ll remember all those. Now then, would you mind grabbing me my bag? I believe I have a pokeball or two inside there for you.” The trainer asked, pointing at the bag that was less than two feet from where the Pokémon stood.

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    @shye as I stare into her eyes I began exposing 1 I don't show mercy nor fear to my opponent 2 don't use misuse me 3 I am the kindest creature that you will ever meet and I will be the most fearsome creature that you will ever know Lucario speaks with a firm tone explaining to his new partner some facts about him

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    @forbidden_warrior “And what would those be?” Vivian spoke to her first addition, smiling at the fact she convinced him to join up with her.

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