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  1. Posted by turtlecats4life ,

    i like town and tranzit

  2. Posted by ryan666 ,

    May u guys are a bunch of pussys kino der toten is where it's a baby

  3. Posted by ncr_ranger ,

    Never played 1, WAW or 2 I see?

  4. Posted by thatdepressedkid ,

    My favorite map? Der eisendrache all the way bitch

  5. Posted by ncr_ranger ,

    TranZit, farm, Town, Buried, MOTD, Call of the dead, Moon, Kino, Natch, Nuketown, Shadows of evil, and Origins.

  6. Posted by leo_jr ,

    @edd zombies?!

  7. Posted by necromancerkane ,

    Yes @leo_jr

  8. Posted by leo_jr ,

    @edd broooooo

  9. Posted by necromancerkane ,

    Hey @call_of_duty_chick

  10. Posted by Call_of_duty_chick ,


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