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  1. Posted by chubbygirl ,

    @plumppony how literate ?

  2. Posted by roseluck ,

    If anyone’s literate and wants to roleplay with me please let me know. But please please please be literate

  3. Posted by roseluck ,


  4. Posted by sleepy_boi ,


  5. Posted by chubbygirl ,

    @austinzellers ok ))

  6. Posted by austinzellers ,

    @chubbygirl yea wanna continue in the dms?

  7. Posted by chubbygirl ,

    @austinzellers that's so cool * I let you go

  8. Posted by austinzellers ,

    @chubbygirl thanks I made it myself.....-sits there

  9. Posted by chubbygirl ,

    @austinzellers mooo the food was really good * I walked over and hug you into my belly you sank in fat but it was the best feeling

  10. Posted by austinzellers ,

    @chubbygirl thanks.....your early but thanks anyways

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