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  1. Posted by wand3r3r ,

    @silverex12 I’m not too sure if I understand that but sure 😂

  2. Posted by silverex12 ,

    @wand3r3r yeah. So.. She wants you to Dm me and later she wants to rp with you...on and *wink wink* to the last part

  3. Posted by wand3r3r ,

    @silverex12 ohhh

  4. Posted by silverex12 ,

    @wand3r3r oh no me and her run this account together

  5. Posted by wand3r3r ,

    @silverex12 a lot of people message me. What’s her tag?

  6. Posted by silverex12 ,

    @wand3r3r same. Hey I have a friend Mel. She's the one who messaged you last night.

  7. Posted by wand3r3r ,

    @silverex12 good. But bored

  8. Posted by silverex12 ,

    @wand3r3r how are you

  9. Posted by wand3r3r ,

    Hey @silverex12

  10. Posted by silverex12 ,

    @wand3r3r hey

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