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    Hello!!! I have returned))

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    Rip chat

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    @upp same))

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    Im dead inside))

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    I'm alive))

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    @imperfect it's fine))

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    @upp nice mate))

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    I'm alive! Sorry, was at work ||

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    Name: Skylar or Sky Age:18 Zodiac: Leo Date of birth:7-25 Race: Human Hair: black (spiked in the front) Eyes: emerald green Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 Sexual Orientation: straigh Appearance: Sky prefers to wear shirts that have shorter sleeves or no sleeves at all so he can show off his Leo tattoo on his right tricep. He also likes tighter fitting athletic shirts because he loves to run, work out and be active. Plus the showing of his form doesn't hurt either. Otherwise, any normal pair of shorts or pants and a nice, plain tee will do. He tends to wear the same shoes everywhere unless he's dressing up, or doing yardwork. Personality- Sky is a very reasonable and down-to-earth guy that likes to help out in any way possible but if you tick him off, you can guarantee it won't be a good time for either party involved. He loves music almost as much as life itself and gives so much time and dedication to playing guitar and has taken voice lessons to hone his naturally talented voice and has written a few songs of his own. He also took the time on his own to learn pretty much every instrument known to man. He adores his siblings and would do anything to protect them even if it means sacrificing himself as they've helped him and supported him fully even in the toughest of times and when it seemed like the world was caving in on him. Music-wise, he's been told he's a phenom. He knows it but he's humble about it. He can pick up almost any instrument and after 15 minutes of learning the basics he seems like he's been playing it for years on end. He's intense about it. He released an album a little over a year ago and had three major hits on it. He went on tour over the summer and was the talk of...well evrrywhere when he got back although he didn't really care. As you can tell, music is literally his life and he will do everything in his power to make sure everything is perfect. Every note, every rhythm, every chord, every articulation, every dynamic, every beat, every measure, almost everything he does musically is flawless. But that can also be a flaw due to his flaming temper when things that are clearly defined aren't excecuted

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    @queenofsleep101 @imperfect @out @_targaryen_ @bestofluck ))

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