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  1. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    I had the same idea for smut... okie dm me if you wanna do that

  2. Posted by phuck___ ,

    My idea was it was mating season and he was avoiding everyone specially your character because I'm guessing they will be close and etc obviously could go into more detail

  3. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    I hsv3 a starter anyway

  4. Posted by animeangel2020 ,


  5. Posted by phuck___ ,

    lol I have one idea to do is half assed though 😂

  6. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    Yes, i actually have been hoping someone would play him. Everyone wants to play gajeel lol

  7. Posted by phuck___ ,

    Okay is it okay that I would be natsu ?

  8. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    No. I will play my oc

  9. Posted by phuck___ ,

    Okay that's good will it be like nalu?

  10. Posted by animeangel2020 ,

    I'm semi lit and can do up to 2 paragraphs

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