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    commit not alive

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    Commit death-pacito.

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    @walter “Imma drag you off and take over the bed.”

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    (Phone call with my youngest.) Me: Hey son, how's your day going? William: It's good daddy, I have a joke for you. Me: Let's hear it buddy! William: What do you call an elephant in a phone booth? Me: I have no idea, what? William: Stuck! Me: xD Ha, ha, ha! That's good. William: also, daddy I want a gravedigger power wheel for Christmas. Me: Santa is on it. 😂

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    And I have the science to prove it

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    @snoww I’ve already sprawled myself out in the most ridiculous position possible.

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    @walter That’s pretty okay then!! Can’t complain. And ohhh starfish that bed for me 😪

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