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  1. Posted by Mira_chan26 ,

    @ein dm me for now, @bloody_painter2 still isn’t here))

  2. Posted by fell_frisk ,

    @mira_chan26 can u rp now)

  3. Posted by Mira_chan26 ,

    @ein don’t worry about it! Let’s rp later? Still have a class to attend))

  4. Posted by fell_frisk ,

    @mira_chan26 hi sorry I was late)

  5. Posted by Mira_chan26 ,

    @ein hi!))

  6. Posted by fell_frisk ,

    I'm back)

  7. Posted by Mira_chan26 ,

    @natsu_dragneel28 dude, wanna rp? And please give a bio, it’s kinda needed here.))

  8. Posted by natsu_dragneel28 ,

    Well then yes@bloody_painter2

  9. Posted by natsu_dragneel28 ,


  10. Posted by Mira_chan26 ,

    @natsu_dragneel28 She roleplays as Nashi))

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