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  1. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    I really wanted this rp to work)

  2. Posted by rappy_red_spy ,

    @angels_darkness_ sadly no, most the people I know are offline half the time.)

  3. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @the_yellow_flash know anyone that would be interested in joining?)

  4. Posted by rappy_red_spy ,

    Name: Majin Race: Slime demon Age: ??? (Appears around 16-18) Magic: Drain (whatever he touches or absorbs into his slime he's able to mimic the abilities and register the magics memory into his core allowing him to use it) Height: ranges from whatever he desires to be Weight: 30lbs So: straight Former guild: Tartaros Current guild: Fairy tail Wizard ranking: A- Low S

  5. Posted by ucie ,

    @angels_darkness_ hm......idk tbh πŸ˜‚ I havent rped fairy tail for a while so....maybe//

  6. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @lady_everstorm_loves_tea anyone you know that would want to join?)

  7. Posted by ucie ,

    Yey ^^//

  8. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    @lady_everstorm_loves_tea good to go:)

  9. Posted by ucie ,

    @angels_darkness_ ))

  10. Posted by ucie ,

    πŸ‘‘Guild: Fairy tailπŸ‘‘ πŸ‘‘ Rank: Normal Wizard πŸ‘‘

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