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  1. Posted by freedjustine ,

    Hello :)

  2. Posted by S3th_30 ,

    @juvia (😒 did you hear about jinder mahal?)

  3. Posted by Juvia ,

    @s3th_30 | Ah, I don't have cable or the network to watch it, so I keep up through the comics.

  4. Posted by S3th_30 ,

    @juvia (😂 not really I just watch the shows alot )

  5. Posted by Juvia ,

    @s3th_30 | Have you read the comics? 😂

  6. Posted by S3th_30 ,

    @juvia (*-*.....😂😂😂😂 your my new friend)

  7. Posted by frznmrdr ,


  8. Posted by jammercer ,

    I can say for sure despite the ending this fandom will never die

  9. Posted by Asriel_dreamurr ,


  10. Posted by Juvia ,

    @s3th_30 | Everytime I see your account you make me want to go Reigns.

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