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  1. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    Making a new rp anyway

  2. Posted by Kidflame kidflame_gam30v3r,

    @angels_darkness_ who exactly is no body else? All you gotta do is post ash 😂)

  3. Posted by femininethumbs ,

    @angels_darkness_ Hey hey hey, we've all had shitty weeks - we getcha. I was waiting for you to post and then respond afterwards but I can post first?

  4. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    No one else is... I've honestly had a hard enough time this week as it is, if no one is gonna help me put any effort into keeping my rp's alive then I just wont make anymore.

  5. Posted by Kidflame kidflame_gam30v3r,

    @angels_darkness_ I posted what's up?)

  6. Posted by Kasumi15 ,


  7. Posted by femininethumbs ,

    Nooooo @angels_darkness_

  8. Posted by Kasumi15 ,

    Welp I'm pronouncing this dead)

  9. Posted by Kidflame kidflame_gam30v3r,

    Anthony was talking to everyone in class when the teacher stepped out for a moment before turning his attention back to the the door. His eyes slowly turning yellow as the pencil in his hand snapped, "angel... so glad you could make it to class as late as ever I see haha tell me how's the ninth circle of hell been treating you still pretty terrible I'm guessing" he replied back shaking his head only slightly annoyed with her but that was nothing new really, "teddy I'm not really surprised your late haha not like we're doing anything important in here anyway" he said with a shrug as he leaned back in his seat. @angels_darkness_ @kennyrogers

  10. Posted by femininethumbs ,

    // bottle bedding, I'll reply in estimated twelve hours

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