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  1. Posted by loneangel ,

    @kazuki_101 Shhh I will spam ye until your phone turns into a vibrator

  2. Posted by kazuki_101 ,

    @cosmosシangel 😑 not what I meant

  3. Posted by loneangel ,

    @kazuki_101 Motorcycles!

  4. Posted by kazuki_101 ,

    @cosmosシangel men ride motorcycles. Girls ride something else

  5. Posted by loneangel ,

    Is the music gonna bother ye? @kazuki_101

  6. Posted by loneangel ,

    You agreed once!

  7. Posted by kazuki_101 ,

    @cosmosシangel says u

  8. Posted by loneangel ,

    You nerds 😑

  9. Posted by kazuki_101 ,

    @celestial_leopard_king im getting a sportster

  10. Posted by kingvenom1435 ,

    @kazuki_101 and if not a chopper it'll be a good ol Harley

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