1. Posted by ariel ,

    ((Gtg, later! @black_banshee @dashanhikerashi

  2. Posted by ariel ,

    "Same...they must fight over petty stuff...." @black_banshee

  3. Posted by barry_west_kf ,

    "I'm still confused what's the war over not fighting?" He asks

  4. Posted by ariel ,

    "Hmf!" She stomped. "COWARDS!" She shouted as she crossed her arms and poked out her thick lips so she could pout. "They must always start war over fullish things!!" @dashanhikerashi @black_banshee

  5. Posted by barry_west_kf ,

    Fox sighs "I'm not even part of the guild I'm a free lance spirit" he says

  6. Posted by Dashanhikerashi ,

    Jose-The master laughs - "Such children,but so be it tell your master ITS WAR!!!"-Jose leaves and transports the guild to another location-

  7. Posted by ariel ,

    "Ugh, phantom lord is stupid!" She said as she turned away and looked back at the scene before her. She then shames the spirits hand. "I'm Ariel." @black_banshee @dashanhikerashi

  8. Posted by barry_west_kf ,

    "Names fox by the way" he says extending my hand for a shake towards Ariel " how about phantom lord goes and crawl back to the cemetery where they belong" he says@dashanhikerashi @ariel

  9. Posted by Dashanhikerashi ,

    Jose-Don't want to fight then leave or phantom lord will take the fight to the entire town

  10. Posted by ariel ,

    @black_banshee @dashanhikerashi "He wanted to kill me, but I told him I didn't want to fight." She said as she moved a piece of hair away from her face.

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