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  1. Posted by LevyMcgarden ,

    Seen any gajeels around lately guys?

  2. Posted by LevyMcgarden ,

    That's gonna be awhile haha

  3. Posted by Zabuza ,

    @moonchild oh she hasn't don't that yet? My bad lol

  4. Posted by Frostin ,

    @levymcgarden you need to submit I bio into the character list under the owner’s chats and wait for acceptance

  5. Posted by Zabuza ,

    @levymcgarden go to the creator of this chat and it's in their list of chats

  6. Posted by LevyMcgarden ,

    Wheres the main one?

  7. Posted by Zabuza ,

    @levymcgarden hmmm well this isn't the guilds main chat, it's only the side chat

  8. Posted by LevyMcgarden ,

    "I think so." She smiled.

  9. Posted by Zabuza ,

    @levymcgarden you think?

  10. Posted by LevyMcgarden ,

    This guild is so cute!"

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