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  1. Posted by sirfluffsnever_18 ,

    Doing it again

  2. Posted by sirfluffsnever_18 ,

    To be honest I basically skimmed. I was at work so I had to keep unlocking my phone, read about 5 words then close it.

  3. Posted by silenced D,

    Literally all I’m asking for when applying to join the community is Your username Character name Age And short description Then you can post the full version in the community. How’s that hard?

  4. Posted by silenced D,

  5. Posted by sirfluffsnever_18 ,

    When you can't actually do what is required to join because the chat is locked by invite or request only.

  6. Posted by sirfluffsnever_18 ,

    I honestly don't really expect anyone remember me, so following the stated method is my best shot.

  7. Posted by silenced D,

    I’ve had people be like “yo I’ve had geeking it was <Username>” Or “I was in Evermore before. Let me In” Uh excuse me? XD username and bio please 👌🏻 Very few people follow the rules 🙄 It’s not that hard though

  8. Posted by sirfluffsnever_18 ,

    No, I got that. Just wanted to be sure I had the correct chat.

  9. Posted by silenced D,

    Yes but join EXACTLY how it says Or you won’t get in 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Posted by silenced D,

    It’s a test of rule following.

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