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    Hopefully I am doing this right. Name: Damarys Vaughn, goes by Van Age: 32 Race: Human Sex: Female Appearance: Van is tall, standing at 6’4. She is slim, but muscular not having any feminine curves to speak of. In all honesty she could well be mistaken for a young man.  Her hair is platinum blonde while one eye is blue the other green. Her skin is fair, having lived in snowy climates all her life. Gear: A full set of iron armor, helmet, boots, gauntlets, and shield. An iron longsword, relatively plain, one given to her by her father. Weaknesses:  She has no real world experience.  People recognizing she is a woman throws her off at first. Background: Born into a large family, Damarys was one half of a set of twins. They were the youngest, her brother being the only male. As such her brother was their father’s favorite and taught things a boy should know. Damarys was taught magic with her sisters as was a family tradition. The twins, Damarys and Van, were close. They also wanted what they could not have. Damarys wished to know how to fight like a true warrior and Van wished to learn magic. Though they were both tired after hours of training the twins would tell each other what they had learned. He taught her the basics of fighting. Damarys healed his wounds and taught him magic. They had to run off, her claiming to look for reagents and him for small game to practice on. This went on for years with no issue. Then the two got trapped by a blizzard. Unable to return home the two, then 12, huddled in a shallow cave to wait the storm out. Damarys had lit a small fire as her magic was better having had more training. Sometime during the night when the storm raised past the cave opening Van fell asleep and passed to the other side. In the midday the snow had cleared and their father found them. He stared from one to the other. A weak, magic using girl stared back at him determined and scared. The strong Nord he had been grooming to become a warrior głassy eyed and staring into nothing. “Shame about your sister. Girls always were fragile. Best go tell yer mother the bad news.” Damarys was no longer her name, at least not with her father. To him she was Van. Damarys lay cold and lifeless in a cave, her body forgotten. Their mother cried out, running to Damarys as they arrived home only to be slapped down and told she was mistaken. Their son lived, their daughter died like the weakling she was. Her name was now Van, though her mother still called her Damarys when father was not around. Even insisted she learn magic along with her sword training. The few hours Van got to sleep were dreamless as she was wholly exhausted from training most of the day.  When her father gave her a sword and told her to make him proud, Van breathed a sigh of relief. For now she was free of him and his harsh training. She left her ten sisters behind to marry off and become farmers. She would somehow make her father see she was not her brother, but was every bit as deserving and strong as he had been.

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    general ιnғorмaтιon Name: Terrence Lujairus Bledermaus Nickname(s)/Alias(es): - Terry - One Who Splits Evil, Gilles De Rais Age: 17-years-old Sex: Male Pronouns: He/Him Species: Human Race: Caucasian Ethnicity: German Language: English in a German accent Blood Type: AB+ Height: 5'8" Weight: 60 kg Alignment: Chaotic Neutral appearance Terrence is an adolescent with a short, slim build. He has shoulder-length black hair and thin, blue eyes. Underneath his hair, he has two gold hoop earrings. He wears an orange bandanna around his neck. He wears a short sleeve black shirt with the Red Ribbon Army's logo, and, underneath, he dons a long-sleeve white shirt. He wears a belt to hold up his blue jeans which have a tear just above the knee of the left leg. Just below the first belt he wears another belt with a gun holster and another pouch. perѕonalιтy Initially a reckless anarchist, Terrence himself seems to be little more than a rebel without a cause. Just like any other teen, he does as he wishes, except he has the power to back it. He is usually devious when it comes to his day-to-day life. However, he can also be calm some other days, but overall he's mostly happy. He has a dirty mouth as well. His favorite phrase is calling someone a "fat cunt." He also enjoys beating things down, badly. coмвaт ѕтyle Just like his personality somewhat, his combat style is merciless. He wouldn't hold anything back against anyone at all. He also contains knowledge of martial arts; mainly Muay Thai, and Taekwando. aвιlιтιeѕ/paѕѕιveѕ "Unnatural Condition" - Terrence's physical condition, as the name states, is unnatural. He is faster, stronger, smarter, et cetera; than the average human. Even he doesn't know why this is so, but he sure loves the hell out of it.

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    {Name} Hirrak Wynne {Age} Nineteen {Sex} Male {Personality} He usually is in a very lighthearted literal state of mind, taking things way to seriously and getting caught up in his fast Jumble of thoughts. On the other hand He sometimes is just so done and tired of everything he just loses himself in his own mind. {Sexual Orientation} Straight {Species} Human, Celtic Highlander descent (European Cacausian) {Magic} *Druidic* Very natural and takes lots of time to use. Not very effective as a type of combat magic, works better as a long term protectant or good for making salves and such. *Fire Manipulation* He has the ability to create flame in the air around him using the oxygen in the air. Not very effective in damp areas or areas of low oxygen concentration. (Can be used to form temporary weapons such as a flame blade.//Isn't a physical blade made for cutting, it works the same as normal flames\\) {Weapon Prefrences} Although Hirrak prefers a variety of weapons his main weapons of choice are a spear, dagger //hunting size\\, and a small buckler sheild attached to his left arm. He also carries and occasionally uses a very primitive form of repeating pistol similar in shape to a flintlock. {Breif History} At a young age Hirrak was raised in a celtic village born at the lowest class of men and not highly sought after for his combat skills was taken in as the apprentice for the village's druidic mage. The mage taught him many things from his practice and helped him tame a familiar for himself. //His familiar is a Black Milksnake named Whopper\\ When he turned 17 he was told to go seek others who have magical and combative abilities to further expand Hirrak's knowledge to return and take his place as the next Mage and defender of his village.

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