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    Lately strange things have been happening to Jake and he feels like he's being followed. It's probably his mind playing tricks on him though, right?

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    Name : Jake Gender : Male Age : 23 Height : 6'3 Species : Human Eye color : blueish green Sexuality: v v v gay Backstory: trying to make it though college and making himself a name as a photographer. His mom is in a mental asylum and she thinks she's a witch and his son is the reincarnation of a demon who supposedly haunted her many years before. His dad was a cop who died on duty on a school shooting. Personality: Sarcastic and quite dry when you first meet him; he then is one of the most outgoing people you'll ever meet. He loves comics and fine arts and his hobbies are drawing, taking pictures, designing clothes and constantly dropping his phone. He falls in love easily and lives in his daydreams basically. After living in NY with his dad he's learned a lot about handling guns and first aid, besides, he's practiced archery from even before his mother was admitted into the mental hospital. He's now living on his own in NY and rarely visits his mother; since she is a danger to himself. Jake has generalized anxiety disorder and is very shy at times. His favourite colors are navy blue, yellow and pale green.

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    ◾️Introduction◾️ First Name: Jasper Last Name: Gilmore Nickname: Jas or Jax Gender: Male Age: 19 Species: Human Sexual Orientation: gay Birthday: March 24 Role: refugee survivalist 👤Appearance👤 Eye Color(s): Brown Hair Color: Brunette Hair Style(s): Messy loose curls Skin tone: Lightly Tanned Body type: Thin and tall, toned Height: 5"10 Weight: 152 lbs Features: freckles across nose and cheeks Personality: kind, socially awkward, hopeless romantic. Timid of other people due to living alone in the woods since the age of thirteen when his family died in a fire. Not quick to trust others due to living in constant fear for the past 6 years and having to protect himself. Jasper is a down to earth person who is willing to risk his safety for others that he trusts. Jasper’s only friend died from an illness about a year ago. He hasn’t had any social interaction since. Strength(s): Hand to hand combat, archery, physical strength, surviving in harsh conditions, resourceful, good at directions, first aid Weaknesses: social interaction, power weapons, trust issues Magic/Supernatural Abilties: water manipulation Weapon(s): handmade cross bow and arrows Fear(s): fire, heights Spoken languages: French, English, ASL Talents and Dreams Ambition/Dream: Find peace and a relationship and live a normal life Occupation/Job: None ♠️ Extra ♠️ Scent: None Blood Type: B+ Accessories: none Makeup: None Scars: Scratches across claves, small scar along cheekbone, left forearm Tattoo(es): Small “X” behind right ear Jewelry: None Piercing(s): None

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    @moonchild ^^^

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    [C] •------------🌺------------• [BC] •Basic Information• [C]»Species: Human [C]»Gender: Female [C]»Age: 19 [C]»Sexual Orientation: Bisexual [C]»Occupation: importing/Exporting weapons. [C]»Personality: She is often friendly towards most, she grows stubborn towards certain subjects. [C] •------------🌺------------• [BC] •Relationships• [C]»Lover: None [C]»Kids: None [C]»Mother: N/A [C]»Father: A Soldier who died in war, Lydia never grew to know him. [C]»Siblings: Kit (Whom won’t be involved in this rp.) [C] •------------🌺------------• [BC] •Skills• [CI] (Ranked 0-10) [C]•Physical Skills• [C]»Strength: 7/10 [C]»Agility (Speed): 10/10 [C]»Stalking: 3/10 [C]»Leaping: 5/10 [C]»Swimming: 10/10 [C]»Climbing: 8/10 [C]•Mental Skills• [C]»Knowledge: 9/10 [C]»Compassion: 7/10 [C]»Leadership: 6/10 [C]»Loyalty: 9/10 [C]»Socialism: 4/10 [C] •------------🌺------------• [BC] •Likes• [C]» N/A [C] •------------🌺------------• [BC] •Dislikes• [C]» Drunken Individuals around her.

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    Time to help out just like mother asked. . .•3•

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    I'm just going to assume I wasn't accepted

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    Could I get the template?)

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