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    @raven鳥 My thanks.)

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    @wrathion || That's all we ask. Welcome.||

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    @raven鳥 I play fair. I dislike going up, but those are her abilities. I will use them fairly.)

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    @wrathion || You know the simple stuff, don't op and all that. You're good.||

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    Name: Alice Liddle Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Female Mental Stability: Mostly sane, though fragile. Magic: As a Nen Conjuror, Alice has a range of weapons, and dresses (each dress bears a different set of powers) at her disposal to conjure at her will. Being a conjuror paired with her mental state, Alice can also bring the Wonderland that exists in her mind into reality. This has been nicknamed "Wonderblending" as her reality will become the reality of others, usually in a range of 10-25 meters. Wonderblending can be triggered by several things such as severe anger, anxiety, or fear as well as mind manipulation. Wonderland also contains it's own monsters, known as the Ruin. On the random occasion they show, Alice and others will have to fight them. The most extreme form of Wonderblending is Hysteria, where she is severely damaged in a fight, Wonderblending will spread out beyond 600+ meters, and will be filled with Ruin. She also owns the Omega Necklace, which allows her to disperse her physical form into a mass of Blue Monarch butterflies, allowing her flight and dodge abilities. Personality: Being from 1880 London, England, Alice tends to be proper, dry and sarcastic. She is generally kind, but will not hesitate to toss a sarcastic remark as she sees fit. Backstory: Alice's family was tragically killed in a fire, and she created Wonderland in her mind as a form of escape, as she was in an asylum afterwards. Once free of the asylum, she saw a psychologist, who tried to destroy her Wonderland, and turn her into a blank "toy" to be sold on the streets. Once she found out his plans, as well as him being the one to murder her family, Alice killed him, and became permanently blended with Wonderland on a mental level. She will sometimes speak to the Cheshire Cat, whom she can only see, unless Wonderblending is in effect.

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    I would love to be a bartender for you m'lords

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    Almost forgot the picture.

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    Name: Jonathan Crane Age:19 Magic: Jon has the ability to read minds and pull the information he wants from their mind and then once he finds something like fears or emotional weaknesses he can and will use illusionary magic and exploit it. Species: Human Personality: Jon is usually very smart but cocky at the same time. Backstory: Jonathan's father was fascinated by psychology of others and when he found his son was a telepath, he became jealous, he had always dreamt to read people's minds to see what they were thinking, so he tried to kill him. As a defence mechanism Jon read his mind as his father was about to cut his throat Jon spilled one of his father's secret fears and as Jon's father coward in fear Jon left his house and went looking for a new home, over the years he had learned illusionary magic from a circus performer and now looks for a final home that deserves him.

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