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    @theatomicdee shhhh

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    It's still open though

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    @moonchild good bye

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    As of November 28, I am closing Evermore. It’s dying and that’s inevitable. I am sorry for not being able to take care of this guild due to real life business. Thank you for being a part of our home. 🖤 I hope to see you all around. - Frosty

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    @moonchild Name: Bonnie Albiona Age: 19 Height: 5’6 Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue Skin Tone: Pale Ivory-Like Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: Straight Species: Human Magic: Elemental Mage Strongest Element Abilities: -Blue Fire: the hottest flames she can create -Earthquake: Violently shakes the ground anywhere in a 5 mile radius (would be rated an 8.5 on the Richter Scale) -Blizzard: A terrible snow storm, giving minor frostbite to anyone who is caught in its path. (lasts about 30 seconds) -Twister: Just your average tornado gone wild. (lasts about 30 seconds as well) ((she is able to do more, these are just her strongest abilities)) Likes: Isolation, The Color Blue, Strawberry Cake, A Nice Glass of Wine Dislikes: The Color Yellow, Being at sea for too long, Big Cities, Crowded Areas Personality traits: Calm yet Wild, Daring at Times, Not safe when she is cornered, Mainly Mature, Flirtatious Drunk

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    I don't have a medieval woman pic is that okay?

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    Name- Ivy Age- 14 Sex- Female Personality- Sassy, Self Doubt?, Sarcastic, Humourus, Usually Laughs a little too loudy Sexual Orientation- Straight Species- Angel Magic- Flys, Controls Water, and Can Time Travel Bried History- Used to be someone who didnt know if they deserved to live, or if they had made the right choices. But becasue of turning 14, and getting wings, seeing life from a different point if view changed her perspective Magic- Brief History-

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    Name: ocean Age: 20 Sex: male S/o: straight Personality: calm and collected, honorable and strong willed Species: human Powers: indomitable will and weapon arsenal Skill: weapon proficiency, adoptive muscle memory and craftsmanship mastery Weakness: high-speed attacks Appearance: photo Bio: since he was born he had taken up the hobby of reading and knighthood. Ever since then he had self thought himself craftsmanship and knighthood with his adoptive father. He did not know of his latent talent in the studies for his adoptive father never shed the light on that matter but nevertheless ocean stayed true to his goal. To be the most honorable craftsman knight in the world. Thus he decided to join the evermore guild in order to achieve mastery over the art and go up the hierarchy and ranks.@moonchild

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