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    "Oh? Huh..? Did someone say som-- Oh! Hey Melanie, how are things? Are you mad because you can't get any dragon dick?" Noctis spoke with sarcasm. Of course he smelt her draconic scent, almost like a perfume or a cologne. Each dragon, or slayer for that regard has their own unique scent. As she went on, and on about wanting to maul Noc, he chuckled and looked over to her one last time, knowing this will set her off; if the dick comment didn't. "Speaking of lacking. . How are the legs? I know it was tough crutching around since I cut them off.. but hey, at least everything is okay in the end." Noctis grinned from ear to ear, prepared for the shit storm, looking over to her as if he had no clue why she was upset. "Anyway! Go read your book, Its important; ya know? Gotta study up on your magics. Preferably Lunar based. Your horrible at hiding your scent." @kule

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    @mugetsu Meine, who had continued reading her book, was quickly interrupted once again by the sudden drop in temperature. She looked over at Noctis and glared, putting down her book and crossing her arms. The females skin began to curl and twist, until it shriveled into small scales all over her body. She pointed to a very large sign above the couch she was sitting at. It read: NO OFFENSIVE MAGIC IN THE GUILD HALL. "I swear to god, I am going to claw your throat out, shortly after ripping your FUCKING balls off if you don't let me read my FUCKING BOOK!" Upon finishing her sentence, the scales on her body began to flow different colors, causing 4 magic circles to appear behind her, each one a separate color. These were a sign of a lacrima manifestation, and Meine looked back at her book. It told the tale of four girls, who all fall in love with comatose soldiers upon being transferred to a sick ward due to their misbehavior in the abbey that they live in. It was a tale of growing up, and a personal favorite of hers. Stretching her legs, the female began to flip the pages.

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    And... that's where the confidence died down. Something was making its way towards the guild, and it seemed annoyed. . Well, moderately. The being himself was different. Standing at five foot ten with extremely long ivory white hair, reaching down to the middle of his back. Wearing a strange form of armor along his body, similar to a knight; the material seemingly foreign. Wearing a black and red shirt that revealed his torso, a strange rune glowed along his body. On his hand were a strange fingerless leather glove which contained a strange and faint energy. On his back was a large greatsword, the weapon was larger than his body, obviously requiring a large ammount of physical strength. In his mouth, resting softly was a cigarette; the male french inhaling the smoke before exhaling it without coffing. The male seemed to have been an advid smoker. However, his voice sounded completely normal, as if nothing ever happened. "Well. . I guess since I'm in a safe place, I can unrestrain myself.." And this was where history repeated itself. As in the flash of an eye, most of the guildhall was frozen solid, just from the simple action of removing one of his restraints. Adjusting the tempature accordingly, he made it so no one here contracted hypothermia in sheer seconds. Streching softly, he looked around and sighed. "I hope this place remember's me. Its been so long, heh. Anyway. . Good thing I adjusted so quickly. ." He smirked as he looked around, the cigarette still in his mouth. The male screamed with power.. but spoke few words.

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    Yes I am jewel keeper, I came hoping I wouldn't lose anyone else I cared about, I was usually with a small group but now I'm not, I figured it would be the best way to avoid any more casualties in my life @frostin

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    @dragonslayer15 @ociel || The Jewel Keeper heard the knock on the door, currently she was nomming on chicken nuggets, something that she absolutely loved to call chicken nuggs or just plain old nuggs. It was her favorite food in the world and if you really wanted, way to her heart. So you know it's important to her if she leaves them be. She had her grey eyes on them. Well, they weren't actually grey. They were simply contacts. What she did have was a beauty mark underneath her left eye. Dark contrasting her pale skin and slightly rose tinted cheeks. Her mouth was rather small, or appeared that way. I'm sure she'd be more than capable of shoving a whole cheeseburger into her mouth. Depends how hungry she is. She skipped along to the door, the heels clicking against the wooden floor as she crossed the room to the door of which she opened only to have a male walk past her. The wind from him doing so brushing her bangs back. But he was greeted by the sight of another male. She called out to the one who walked by first, “Excuseu me!” The had an extra syllable added onto the word, this being because she wasn't originally from any English speaking company. She turned to the male still in the doorway and smiled. Her bubble gum hued lips curling up as she spoke, “Can you please follow me?” The girl then hurried over to the bar to protect her nugg– speak to the kind man who was ordering at the bar. Her bright skirt swaying as she did, not by much, it was a high waisted one with her white baggy shirt tucked into it. Her brown hair pulled into loose braids and was topped off by green tinted, black horns. “Where did manners go?” Aspen asked giving him a gentle thunk on the head before turning to pull out a shiny wooden box of which contained numerous stones and gem. Hey, she wasn't called the Jewel Keeper for nothing. On her wrist was a loose bracelet that had several stones dangling from it. "Looking to join?" Her voice came out in a sing song tone. This question aimed at the two of them.

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    I walk through the guilds massive entrance in unusually crimson read and black light combat clothes with an extremely detailed sword on my back, it's one of a kind so everyone looks at it in awe and confusion. I shrug it off because I've seen that stare multiple times before coming here, I've grown used to it. I make sure I don't intrude on anyone's conversation and seem like an answer hungry freak, I simply take a seat at the guild tavern and ask for a drink, the bartender gives me a glass of whiskey as I gaze at the rest of the guild. It felt good to belong again, I felt that if I had multiple people to care for, no one would die on me because if we stuck together we could be strong, nothing could break us, although I would have to build up a moderate trust level with my guild mates, it will be challenging, but all my life I've faced nothing but challenges, I was prepared.

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    Wearing a monk style of clothing but plating over his chest, forearms and shins, a male standing at a full height if six foot enters the guild. On his back are twin gunblades which they cross one over the other as a shield lay on them. The upside down tear drop shield' s face is white with a red cross. Another sword sheathed on his side with a two tassels swinging of the hilt. All weapons held a purpose yet he didn't show no threat instead he is here to join the others. With the monk style with a spin of a knights look, the male named valic Lucian holds a masuclime physique with broad shoulders and chest. His fairly decent sea tan skin shimmering like the sea itself. Hazel green eyes peer through the door when he steps in. He showed elegance and honor by standing boldly by the door of the guild. His right hand resting upon the eleven style blade on his waist as he awaits whom is to greet him at the door. Though truthfully, valic did not quite understand guilds at all this would be his first time in a guild to his knowledge. Valic stays silent when he herd others talking but knew nothing of their topic of choice and didn't snoop further or attempt to pry himself into conversation. His gaze shifts to each person as the unique style of clothing and such come and go, yet he seems to be the only knight around here of his kind. A divine knight, a knight whom reached the utmost honor within his class. For a moment he broke his own silence to sigh in the same motion, valic had taken his other hand to scratch his strong jawline for a minute. Valic thinks to himself of when or whom is to show up.. or is he allowed to roam free? Such things he needed answers too.. and he also has a lot to say to this person whom accepted him to this establishment.

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    @homaya I hadn't even noticed that. I'll pay more attention to that.)

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    The young man took a step to his left as the woman stepped up to the guild doors. If he hadn't, she might have fun into him. He slipped a hand from his pocket, gazing down at it quizzically. She'd had no reaction to his presence, paid no attention that he stood between her and the door. Had he used the Roads of Purgatory wrong? It had been his first real attempt, and with no prior experience with astral projecting, it was possible that he had made a mistake. A mistake, however, simply didn't make sense. Not that he was incapable of them. Even the gods made mistakes, so those carrying their blood were certainly prone to them. No, his steps sounded against the dirt, grass bent beneath his weight. His knuckles had clearly knocked against the wooden door. Unless he was simply hallucinating, the young man was physically there. He had no explanation, save for possibly a simple desperation to get out of the weather. Due to the enhancements woven into his clothes, he was affected by neither heat nor cold. With her attire, he could only assume that it was heat. He stepped forward again, his hand raised to knock on the large doors. He never got the chance. Just as his hand descended, the door swung open. He had to pull his hand away before knocking on the woman's head, rather than the door. He stood there for a moment, his hand held in the air as though he were waiting for an awkward fist bump. He brought his hand back down, slipping it back into his pocket. "Hello. Might I ask where I am?" @homaya

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    "I mean, the short version would be pure chance." Starrk's voice coincided with his attitude, as he leaned back and slouched his back forwards, he sighed out tiredly, sticking both hands into the pockets of his white clothing his eyes lazed slightly, whilst Lilynette decided to run off and do her own thing, deciding that a kitchen raid was the most appropriate thing to do. "However, the longer version is a little bit more. . Confusing, to say the least. I don't think that really matters, unless you're one for the pointless droning of a story that doesn't even matter in the end sight of things." Despite his clearly dull personality, the male radiated a kind of aura, which was exactly identical to that of Lilynette, however his was much more powerful than hers, his being more around 80% stronger than hers, with her resting calmly at the 20% barrier. Compared to him, Lilynette was definitely the weaker one of the two. @kule

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