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    @kaen_joker "Nothing much, I haven't been back long really. Went on a little pilgrimage to clear my head, and I think I'm better for it." Connor smiled softly, before taking another small sip of his water. He continued to listen to Zabuza, walking around to the other side of the bar so he could sit. Didnt seem like the other brother wanted to talk. That was just fine, Zabuza wasn't poor company.

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    @requiem "I am the oldest, then Yagura and then Kaen, who has decided to stay away for the time he trains. Now enough of that, how have you been? What's new with you?" Zabuza states then finished it off with a question about the merchant. As he waited he drank more sake, Yagura didn't say much at all as he kept to himself and drank.

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    @kaen_joker "Grand. Which one of you is older again?" Connor grabbed another cup, filling it with water and taking a drink out of it. If he remembered correctly, there were three of these guys: Zabuza, Yagura, and someone else. Connor didnt believed he'd met the other brother yet, but it had been mentioned to him sometime while he Was training in the mountains.

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    @requiem "Hmm very well, we took a few requests and once we finished those I trained my brother here. He was able to unlock three more abilities of his devils power. Mastering two more of the original along the way." Zabuza stated in a few words as he takes a drink from the cup.

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    @kaen_joker "Just whatever you have been up to recently. I haven't seen you in a bit, and really I've only be able to talk to the newcomers...and Tod." Connor rolled his visible eye as he mentioned Tod, another guild member who kept to himself. He believed Tod was currently in his room talking to himself, or something odd like that. Connor sighed and waved the though away with his hand, looking back to Zabuza.

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    @requiem Zabuza poured the sake into two small cups and the two began drinking. He rests his elbows on the counter as leans against them, giving them a bit of his weight so he could get more comfortable in his chair. "Hmmm and what would you define as interesting? Once you answer that, then I'll decide to tell you or not" He spoke with the cup near his lips and the moment he finished his sentence he began drinking from it.

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    @kaen_joker "Mhmm, no problem." Connor smiled and got to work on getting the sake, coming back shortly after and placing them both down for the men. He remembered Zabuza from when Connor himself was new to the guild, but it had been a while. He'd actually been curious what the two had been up to recently. Connor smiled at them, taking the money and placing it somewhere for safe keeping. "So, anything interesting happen to you lately, Zabuza?"

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    @requiem The tall one was known as Zabuza D Snowfall, easily recognized by his ice arm though not many know or remember him from the old days of the once great guild of fairy tail. Now residing at evermore he lives out his days watching over whom he can with the abilities he possesses. He raises his ice hand with two fingers extended, while he moved his right hand along the surface of the bar towards the male standing behind it. Once he moved the right hand back he revealed a pouch of money to pay for the bar as well as their rent for the month. "Two sake for me and my brother." He spoke in a deep and rough tone, he wondered if the boy would recognize him from their match in the tournament earlier in the year. The shorter of the two was even lesser known, his name was Yagura D Darkfell. Nicknamed the Devils surrogate for a very particular reason, and that reason isn't for the faint of heart to know. After losing his wife and unborn child, he says very little and shows no emotion to anyone except his daughter whom was born to his wife before he was in the picture. He adopted her upon the little girls request before his now late wife were to be married. She now lived in solitude, not saying or speaking a word to anyone. Hopefully one day, they will find a light to bring them from the darkness.

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    @flamelovergirl "Yes you are." ((Sorry for the wait. The others never replied." Connor smiled as he saw the two men (@kaen_joker ) enter, moving behind the bar as they arrived. He smiled and gave the two a wink, as if he was flirting with them. Connor chuckled a little, grabbing two glasses from behind the counter. He wasn't a bartender, but he'd someone do it once or twice. "How may I help you gentlemen?"

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    Through the hustle and bustle of the guild, ice would slowly form into a 8x5 oval on the southern wall just off the edge of the floor molding. Once the dimensions were met the ice thickened into a solid form. Shortly after this occurred the figures walked through, one of 7'2 and the other of 6'1. The taller of the two had a clear distinction of his appearance, his left arm was made entirely of ice. This would insinuate he is the one who made the ice on the wall in which the two entered through. They both walked towards the bar where they found a seat, now waiting for someone to take their order for a beverage.

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