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    Dakota looked at the small woman who was beckoning them over. His green eyes narrowed and he scoffed. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to some stranger. Right now, food was the most important thing. He turned and his eyes fell upon the kitchen some ways away. In a flash Dakota was rummaging through the cupboards and refrigerator looking for anything edible. "Kota! Son, stop that." Mackenzie called out sighing in embarrassment. The older man looked down at the 'Commissioner' of Evermore. No outstanding physical features to catch the eye and a pretty average magical presence from what he could sense. Alas, looks and magic aren't everything. "Father, I'm going to go and talk to Dakota before he destroys their kitchen." Adrien stated. The dark clothed teenager calmly walked over to where his brother was. He came up behind the blue haired boy and whacked the back of his head. "You can't just go through people's stuff like this Dakota." He chided. "Ouch! Fucking hell Razor lover! You don't have to hit me." Dakota replied in annoyance. In his hand was sandwich and on the counter was a bowl of pretzels. "Can't you see, I'm trying to eat here. Go away." Dakota stuffed his face with sandwich and within a couple of seconds it had disappeared into the abyss called 'His stomach'. The sandwich was followed up by multiple handfuls of the salty snack. Adrien looked on with a blank face. His brother always had, had an appetite that rivaled beasts. So, the display of crude chewing and obnoxious eating sounds did not bother him. "You could at least be respectful and ask first." He muttered taking a seat on one of the stool. "Why ask? The fuckers left the shit out in the open. If they didn't want people to eat it don't you think they would put up a sign? 'Don't eat our goddamn food'." "You're an imbecile and may the Lord have mercy on your soul." "Fuck you, Satan worshipper." "I'm no-.." β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” "Yes, I suppose we are looking to join." Mackenzie said, completely unaware of the conversation going on between his two sons. He turned his head and faced the commissioner. Red markings could be seem stretching up the side of his neck, almost hidden by the collar of his light blue shirt. A tattoo perhaps? "I plan to train my sons and I need a safe place to do so. I would hope this place fits the bill. So, any particular hoops I have to jump through to join?" He asked tilting his head in question. @frostin β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” "You wanna go Boy in Black? I'll kick your ass so hard you'll switch religions." "I told you, I'm not a Satanist. What part of that don't you understand? "You sure as hell look like one. Did you look in the mirror when you woke up today? It's like Marilyn Manson and Alistair Crowley fucked and BOOM! You were brought into existence." "I don't know who those people are and must you be so crass? Your language is appaling." Adrien said with narrowing his eyes slightly. "And we woke up in a forest, where would I find a mirror?" Dakota swallowed another handful of pretzels and shook his head. "That's not the point." "You make no sense Dakota."

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    Sugu was blushing from how direct this person was. He felt nervous and honestly he was a crybaby though he seemed like an aggressive edgy character. He can be. Sugu would show this girl a memo he wrote on that said "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Sugu. My last name doesn't matter but it's a pleasure." His eyes didn't meet the person anymore and he'd look to the side and around this girl. Sugu saw how more people had arrived. He really did tune some things out. To respond to this person, he'd pull up two other memos. "Sorry, what's your name again?" "And Yes, I'd like to participate." [@frostin]

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    @frostin Kaen chuckles softly as he looks at aspen. "We're actually already members, well we haven't received our insignia yet but I'm Actually an old friend to momo. We go back a ways so I decided to join to help out" he says with a smile Kitsune giggles. "Hehe, in apart of Kaen but I'd LOVE!~ a mark!!" She exclaims happily. Yagura sighs contently. "I'm with him..." he points to Kaen. The tall man with the left ice arm comes from behind the three and looks at aspen, "hello, I've yet to join. I'm Mainly here because my little brother Kaen asked me here" Kaen scoffs. "As if..." Yagura looks at Kaen. "He's the only one who can keep you in check...." Kaen growls at Yagura. "You wanna go half pint!" Yagura raises his right eyebrow. "I'm taller than you..." Zabuza, the tall man, sighs and flicks kaens forehead which sends him back several feet and on his back. "Shut it,.." Kitsune giggles watching this. Zabuza bows politely. "Allow me to stay to watch over my brothers.."

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    Camela relaxed when the threat disappeared. Running back in the woods to gather little Loralei of which was crying over a stick. "Th-they're so broken.." she sputtered. Hugging it tightly when she was scooped up. "Shh, shh, shh... it's okay. They've got a friend now. So you can make them better." She spoke as she began walking back to the guild. They were home.. "M-mhm.." Anna would sniffle, looking around before growing angry. Having spotted a tree. She started squirming to try and get at it but Cammy wouldn't let her. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Aspen finished up with the first people and took off, approaching Kitsune, Kaen and Yagura. "Hiya folks! Are you guys planning on joining?" The young woman's voice rang from their side. "I'm Aspen, Commissioner to Evermore." The girl gave a sweet smile, one that would usually light up a room, if they were in one. "And since," she looked at Akana then back at him, "Akana seems to want to speak to the old guild master, I will handle you and the incoming members." Penni didn't sound annoyed, rather excited to say the least. She had been prepping for this. For a long while actually. Having been there since the idea sprouted from Akana and became something real. Seeing people enter the guild, another group of three, the petite woman waved them over, "Hey! Come on over, don't be shy~!" She looked at Sugu, she'd approach him once she was finished up with these six. "Are you guys looking to join this place too?" @kaen_joker @ulquiorra @sugu

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    The deconstruction and reconstruction of the guild was a display of powers on levels that Baron hadn't seen or would have even imagined were possible. The abilities demonstrated were far past what he would have considered shooting for, but it just meant he needed to adjust his goals, and figure out his first steps in how to become their equals. He sat idly in his room, chewing on the eraser of his pencil. His room cleaned of most of the debris from the scuffle, but suit sat battered and shredded in areas. The restoration of his pride and joy was reprioritized by the ecstasy of the perfect idea, and the anxiety of trying to portray it before overthinking perverts the concept. When he watched the battle between the two groups of peak condition fighters, it was clear that they all had to have some way to power the attacks they had, be it summoning a large predatory titan, or reforming the the guild from its foundations, the energy didn't come from thin air, necessarily. Otherwise, why would they need to recover after particularly taxing spells? To word it differently, if magic didn't require an input, why would there be an output? It would break physics at its most fundamental level. Clearly, there had to be an input. The magic that allowed them to do these incredible feats couldn't be just 'magic'. His gut told him there had to be something there, but he didn't know how to prove it, or how to explain it. He wrote everything he could about how he understood the concept, but he knew that unless he could test it, there would be no way to pursue his idea further. He sat for what seemed like an eternity trying to word his thoughts properly. The letters seemed to dance on the page, making it hard for him to read, but he would get through it like he always had. He would continue to write for a good half hour or so, until he was satisfied. He stood, and exited the room, unwavering dedication driving each step. If such a thing existed, it would be clear that he was likely not the first one to realize it. He moved swiftly towards the main hall. If anyone knew what was going on, it would be the people who use it most often.

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    @emiya @disney In his dream state Hitomu heard talk. Even a nervous laugh which was quite adorable. He smiled in his sleep. However, sensing someone next to him he freaked out. Thinking he was endangered as well as the others. Waking from a dead sleep, but still confused as hell he grabbed the tea cup from his own hand, and slammed it into Ben's face. "I TOLD YOU THAT WAS MY TEA!!" Hitomu said before he landed on his feet and glared at Ben. He then looked towards the small female and then back at Ben. He did this a few times blinking in confusion. "Ben! Woah... who did that to your face?" Hitomu was clueless and just dumb. [No. You are dumb.] Hitomu rebuttaled back. He was talking to his creator and breaking the 4th wall. Of course everyone thought him mad because he was talking to nothing. Anyway, he outstretched his hand and brushed off the glass that was in Ben's cheek. Knowing the male he either dodge , was confused, or both. Nonetheless he would brush the glass away if Ben didn't. He then looked back at the female with a warm smile. "Akana. Yes! Your mom was great. A weird one, but fun nonetheless. I've been watching over this guild before you became guild master and I decided it was time I joined. That is if you'll have me." He hummed happily as he bounced back and forth between his feet like a small child. "I want tea. Do you want tea? Ben will definitely want tea too. I know I'll just make everyone tea! Problem solved. Good thinking Hitomu." He said this all out loud but didn't care. He tend to drift into his own thoughts lately. Strange it was.

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    The void sphere still hovered over the guild. The little girl known as kitsune sits ontop of said sphere with her arms crossed and a sour look on her faces "Baka...when will he wake up" she whines to herself. It's true Kaen had fallen asleep inside the void sphere. A man appears ontop of a nearby tree looking at kitsune, This was yagura "Fell asleep did he?" He asks in his naturally emotionless tones She nods promptly. "The Baka does this all the time...yeesh, leaving me to fight those bad guys on my own~~~" Yagura simply says. "We were watching the whole time. Meaning there was no need to worry" a very faint smirk runs across his lips. Her face lights up. "Y-you mean?!" She giggles happily. Suddenly a chilled Yelp comes from inside the sphere. It vanishes as Kaen falls, his leg frozen. Kitsune rolls around mid air giggling to her self. "Zabu-chan~ Zabu-chan~ Zabu-chan~" she says in her adorable girly tone. Kaen hits the ground with a thud. "Cold cold cold cold cold" he repeats trying to get the ice off but nothing seems to work. "Ugh damn you big bro zab...get this shit off me!" He yells in frustration. Yagura jumps down beside Kaen as he kneels, placing his bandaged hand over the ice. As he does his hand glows a light blue through the bandages, causing the ice seemingly to fade away. As this happens a man standing at 7'4, eye patch over his left eye, his left arm was entirely replaced by ice, walks out of the forest. Frost accumulating on the ground under his feet with each step. Covering the grass and plants near him so they aren't damaged by his presence. He speaks in a tone of dominance, someone who's in charge, allowing everyone to know his power just by his voice. "Sleeping while little kitsune is fighting...shame" This man was zabuza snowfall, big brother to Yagura and Kaen. Not by blood relation of course but by them giving him the title. You see the younger two were originally zabuzas students, and the bond between them grew to a brother like state. "Come you three. They're waiting" zabuza speaks as if knowing something they don't. With the ice gone from kaens leg they stand and follows zabuza into the newly formed guild. Kaen) "yeesh zabuza...did you have to do tha.." Kitsune interrupts him "OF COURSE HE DID BAKA!!!" Yagura simply sighs as zabuza pokes kitsunes forehead. "Now now, its in the past. You really should be nicer to Kaen, kitsune" when he says this she blushes heavily and nods cutely. "Aye...zabu-chan~" Kaen sees Akana @Disney and waves with his right hand. "Oi, the place looks good as new since the fight" he chuckles trying to play off the fact he was sleeping nearly the rest of the fight, not knowing what else happened after kitsunes counter attempt. The others stand behind Kaen as he initiated conversation with the current GM.

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    The doors of the newly rebuilt guild flew open and in fell two teenage boys. The colors of their clothes, hair, and accessories all swirling together in a tangle of limbs and fabric. "Get the fuck off of me you emo fucker." One of the two yelled. "Father told you to watch your language, Dakota." The other responded. "Boys, this is now way to make an entrance. Stand up and be respectful." A third new voice filled the guild. Far deeper than the previous two, this voice came from a tall, slim built man. He wore a nice blue suit, with a gold oxford shirt. Besides that the only unique thing about his appearance was the jagged scar that ran down the left side of his face. Upon hearing the word of their father the two boys jumped to their feet. They knew of the punishments their father could dish out and they did not want that to happen in front of all these people. One of the boys had bright blue hair. So spiky was his hair it could be considered a weapon. He wore a sleeveless black shirt with an absurdly shaped collar. His pants were white and black from the knee down. Nothing special. Basic gloves and boots covered his hands and feet. The most interesting thing about this young man's appearance was the star tattoo on his right shoulder. Said tattoo was a shade or two lighter than his skin tone. "Dad, you really gotta tell Sir Cuts My Wrists to watch where he's going. The little prick could have hurt me." The man shook his head and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his trousers. Oh, Dakota. The fifteen year old boy sure was a loudmouth. The man known as Mackenzie cleared his throat and spoke. "What have I told you about your language, Kota." "Yeah, yeah." The boy responded crossing his arms and looking around the guild hall. His emerald eyes passed over all those gathered within the main hall. The other boy was by far the most unique in terms of appearance. He was the same height as his brother but that is where the similarities ended. He wore a black suit. White rectangles ran down the front of his jacket, while more rectangles ran down the seam where the sleeves met the jacket. A plain white shirt was under the jacket, adorned with a skull crest upon the collar. Like his father, the boy's hands were stuffed into the pockets of his trousers, this hid the black nails the boy had. His goldish-yellow eyes also looked around the guild. "Father, we are to do our training here? Why?" The boy asked. The white lines going across his head shimmering as he spoke. "Adrien, I merely stumbled upon this place. Perhaps, it was fate that brought us here. Who knows." Mackenzie said with a shrug of his shoulders. He wasn't lying, they had been traveling for days and this was the place they had happened upon. It looked safe enough to conduct training so Mackenzie chose it. "I don't know about you two weirdos but I'm fucking hungry. You think this shitty place has food?" "What did Father say, Dakota?" "Don't talk to me hot topic, you might infect me." "How immature. My outfit is crisp and stylish. As you say, "haters gunna hate"." Mackenzie stepped between the two boys and pushed them forward. "Enough of that. Let's go." And with that the family walked further into the guild.

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    Sugu paced around the guild. He examined the area. Seeing how it was holding up. His hand ran against the walls,feeling its texture. Sugu's eyes looked up at the ceiling. He took in the Guild Masters entrance and thought of it as something amazing. 'I guess' he thought. Not down talking it but didn't take much interest. Sugu took his own space to sit at and started to write in memos. He doesn't always write but that was the way it had to be. Tuning out everything around him just to write down sentences he would plan to use later. He really did keep to himself today. Sugu planned to interact with others later. He'd shake the pen he wrote with just to give it more ink to write with. He had it for so long and he's surprised it's lasting. He'll probably get more another day.

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