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    Adv-lit/novella seeking long term MP and/or PC T1 sparring partner(s). Dm me if interested

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    Anyone here

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    *He knew the light from his fire could probably be seen for miles in this land so devoid of hill or gullies. But he was more then capable and confident enough to risk it. He formed a fire and wood pile from the aether around him, the azure blue oroborus mark behind his right ear flaring angrily to life with the use of his aether projection and manifestation. He then sat down on the ground by the fire, back to a tall and ancient oak tree, and one of his twin kriss splayed across his lap as he relaxed finally. His abilities as a planes walker and his spell plague changed body had caused people to label him as a mage. And due to the civil war, coup de ta,and unrest between the common folk and the magika users, skin-changers and whatever else, that was near a death sentence to carry for a label. Ezra had been forced to fight his way out of Kafka and the lowlands leaving behind him a trail of blood and charnel. Even now he swore he was more blood then man as he wiped the lifeblood of what had previously been a vanguard. The boy couldn't have been older then 17 winters.... The boys face still haunted Ezra when he closed his eyes..

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    @gneiss -chops- nope)

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    @gneiss Thank you Ty

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    [He placed a tombstone, and a flower on top. He then walked away.]

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    @moonchild BAKA!!

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    As of November 28, I am closing Evermore. Itโ€™s dying and thatโ€™s inevitable. I am sorry for not being able to take care of this guild due to real life business. Thank you for being a part of our home. ๐Ÿ–ค I hope to see you all around. - Frosty

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    @moonchild || || I'll be placing a bio in the character list chat soon. It's about time I've come to help out as requested by the former leader. ||

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