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    he looked up at her with all his emotions and he started out as an ant but now became a butterfly he then flew from the floor and landed on her knee he paused his wings in hopes that her magic could restore him

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    Wowza ))

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    Sorry. I'll write a post soon. Sorta forgot, life stepped in again)

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    Upon seeing that her magic had been blocked by the stick, and shrunk it instead of its target, Meine frowned. Turning to the two, she let out a small sigh, before clutching her fingers to her forehead. "I say we just let him live out the rest of his life as a bug. He'll probably do it again, and my magic only turns people's emotions into driving forces for their actions." Cracking her knuckles against her knee, the female pursed her lips, looking down at the man as she awaited a response from the team. @ichor @itswaffles

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    Ugh I fat fingered lemme delete

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    On it.)

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