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    @morggi_moo The girl stopped running after realizing that Sorna wasn’t following her. Getting quite upset, thinking that she had given up on their game until she felt Sorna attempting to drill her was into the shadows around her legs “Sorry but that won’t work. The shadows of a god can’t be easily taken over like regular shadows. But you just gave me and idea.” She put her hands on the floor below her hand and began spread g a thick layer of shadows inside and outside the castle.

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    @eiichiru_ Sorna sighs but then grins as she thinks of a fun little trick that might work might not. She disappears into the shadows and uses them to attempt to transport into the shadows coating the other girls legs. That way she can grab her and end this game. (Up to you of this works)

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    @morggi_moo aren’t I just so original XD))

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    @eiichiru_ I have a guess))

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    @morggi_moo know what she is yet? :3))

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    @morggi_moo The girl didn’t slow down in the slightest. In fact she ran even faster than before. Wrapping her legs in her shadow like an extra layer of muscle, propelling her forward much faster than Sorna’s wings could take her. The wall seemed to completely disappear as soon as the little girl made contact with it. There was no trace of it left. The girl stopped at the end of the hall, heavily scraping the floor from how fast she was going. “You’re a lot of fun! Come on, left play some more!” She smiled at her before running off again.

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    She twists quickly to the right and follows through the same shadow, arriving seconds afterwards and darting off. She stops running and flies low and fast using her powerful wings to give her more speed. She turn the darkness into a trap in front of the girl to test whether her magic can ensare her prey. @eiichiru_

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    @morggi_moo She observed Sorna as she was chased and noted that she could use shadows to her advantage as well. ‘This might not be very boring at all’ she smiled and took a sharp right, moving out of her reach and exiting through another shadow in a random part of the house. As soon as he feet touched the ground she sprinted off in a random direction,

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    The wave of darkness swirls into the angel’s, turning the other girl’s power into their own. Using the extra power to speed up and follow her into the darkened spot in the hall. Letting her opponent know that she is not the only one who can seek safety in the dark. Sorna makes an attempt to grab her opponent as she chases her.

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