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  1. Posted by knoxsah ,

    "Exactly just trust me okay he hired those bandits raven"

  2. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @knoxsah “N..no...” I look at them both.

  3. Posted by knoxsah ,

    @theblackraven_ *glares at David* have i ever lied to you yet raven

  4. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @knoxsah “That’s not very funny knoxsah.. You know it was the bandits that killed them...”

  5. Posted by knoxsah ,

    @theblackraven_ yeah that fucker said he planned for your three friends to die!!!

  6. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @knoxsah Night)) I see him go through the window and I run over. “David! Knoxsah what did you do?!” “He just through me out the window what did you think he did?!” He said. “S..sorry David.....” I walk over to you. “What the hell Knoxsah?..”

  7. Posted by knoxsah ,

    Nvm I can stay for about thirty minutes))

  8. Posted by knoxsah ,

    Gtg goodnight))

  9. Posted by knoxsah ,

    @theblackraven_ *grabs him and throws him out of a window* why the hell did you kill him in the first place!!!!

  10. Posted by theblackraven_ ,

    @knoxsah “Heh... You can’t touch me... If you even bruise me all Raven will see is a monster.. She sees everyone she knows be name a close friend. Some even more than that..” He burns your hand slightly and moves away from you. “Such as her friends that have dies... Oh that took little planning and I didn’t get hurt in the process.. Only those three innocents I found on the street. Her face when she saw their dead bodies though..” he laughs. “Priceless... I wouldn’t tell her about this though... She doesn’t believe I would hurt a fly with anything but my words and if she finds out she killed three innocent people that had done nothing but walk passed the wrong person she would be crushed and broken inside. You thought you saw the worse when you saw her face as her friends were dead? Well you have never seen her lock herself in her room or starve herself for days at a time because she accidentally killed a person... So sad that she never realized it was me who killed them and not her... Hehehe...”

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