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    I've remade it

  3. Posted by itegami ,

    //Her call, not mine. I'm already dealing with 2 big roleplays myself, and maintaining them takes time.

  4. Posted by takashiminuro5854_13 ,

    @itegami this should be remade

  5. Posted by itegami ,

    //I am.

  6. Posted by takashiminuro5854_13 ,

    Any of you guys alive?

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    @itegami DM me Please? //

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    I'm here, my apologies. Yes, I do have a tendency to vanish off the face of the earth. It's just what I do. Anyways, @natural_tendency, this is still up. If you'd like to join us I would be happy to assist you. //

  10. Posted by natural_tendency ,

    (I'm patient. When she returns tag me and I'll play. ))

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