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    Highschool was strange, locking away her things in the locker, being muttled into a hallway with a bunch of other teenagers, if it hadnt been for the tall fellow that went by Ram - Hui probably would have just walked right out and went back home to china. There was no reason for her to be there, she had been deemed ready to lead a country and was no doubt smarter then the commoners around her. If anything it may dumb her down, her thoughts may have seemed rude but the only etiquette she had been taught was to those of the same social class, and it wasnt rude if it was the truth. Fit for a princess? Was that a compliment? She couldn't tell, she was a princess. "Thank you, thats very kind." Flashing the pristine white smile she had practiced on people for years at the boy, highschool so far was nothing like diplomacy. Taking the text book in hand she frowned at it, the only time she learned in english was when she was learning English - not learning in her first tongue could be a struggle.. Brown eyes looked down at the boys large handthen back at, then back at his hand before placing her soft and polished hand in his with a geniune subtle grin on her. "Where are you from?" Her voice was rather blunt as she cocked a brow at the brunette

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    Great story but don't spoil it

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