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  1. Posted by actualtrash ,

    @kaden_kitsune oh shit

  2. Posted by giftofgab ,

    I am so sorry Phyllis hates you.

  3. Posted by kaden_kitsune 😆,

    @actualtrash same XD and I just wanna put out that Michael wasn't scripted to kiss Oscar, he improvised and the surprise was lowkey real

  4. Posted by actualtrash ,


  5. Posted by actualtrash ,

    God I love this show

  6. Posted by Zachariah_Xavier_Ross ,

    legit one of my favorite parts of the whole show. "Dwight you ignorant slut" is my all time favorite scene, though.

  7. Posted by actualtrash ,

    Holy shit I totally remember that part! I'm screeching @ディックプリンセス

  8. Posted by Zachariah_Xavier_Ross ,

    "Gookie Cookie!" *Kelly bitch slap* the. best.

  9. Posted by Jaazminnnn ,

    Nine million nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes, We actually sat down and did the math~

  10. Posted by actualtrash ,


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