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    @ajanicolee we have three girls and one guy. I need some boys.))

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    @bloodfeather how many people are we tryin to get?

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    Name: Joanna Johnston •         Nicknames: JoJo •         Age: 20 •         D.O.B: 06 / 08 / 1956 •         Place of Birth: Canada •         Zodiac: Gemini •         Ethnicity: Caucasian Residence: New York Occupation: Hunting / Fishing Supply Store (Family Business) Education: [CB]◇◇APPEARANCE◇◇ Height: 5’6 Weight: 132lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Skin: White Body type: Slim, Athletic Style: Clothing: Denim blue jeans, black boots, checkered dark blue button up shirt, khaki green trench coat. Hair: Mohawk, Shaved Sides Jewelry / Others: Septum, Ear Piercing [CB]◇◇PERSONALITY◇◇   Overall: Highly Observant, calculating and decisive. Though her demeanour may denote traces of inpatient cynicism, she possesses a profound sense of ethical responsibility.   Likes: Horror Books, Rock Music,   Dislikes: Whiners, irritating nerds.   Fears: Being left alone and isolated. Being kidnapped.   Hobbies: Keyboardist for a band.   Dreams: To make it big with her band and make her parents proud.   Flaws: Having BPD.   Abilities: N/A

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    • Basics • • Name • Nicole Tae • Gender • Female • Age • 20 • Sexuality • Straight • Status • Single • Occupation • Officially a sales associate, sometimes sells drugs on the side • Family • None • Appearance • • Hair • Short and black. • Eyes • Black. • Height • 5'5. • Build • Normal. • Tattoos • Japanese characters down the middle of her back. • Persona • • Very chill, can be intense when she needs to be. Likes to take care of others. She is also very patient, and adventurous. • Likes • Reading, studying human behavior, animals, tea, baths. • Dislikes: People who are rude and inconsiderate, people who brag about their wealth. People who take their family for granted.

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    One second, I’ll post mine in a minute

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    I'm here)

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    Name: Tate Black Age: 22 Zodiac: leo Accents: Irish Looks: Black hair Brown eyes Tattoo on neck Pale skin Likes: Drugs Sleep Food Music Sex Dislikes: Preps Blonds Annoying people Backstory:...

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    Theres a password to join. No exceptions.))

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    Name: Annalise DeSanto Nicknames: Galahad, given to her by the DnD club. Otherwise call her Liss. Age: 20 Height: 5'4" Build: average thin with curvature. Gender: Female S/O: Bi Occupation: cashier Relationship status: Taken Hair: Blonde, short Eyes: Green Build: almost sickly thin, but she's mostly healthy Skin tone: pale Tattoos: lots, flowers, skulls, patterns. Family: Dad Likes: alcohol dumb sayings, ghosts, Ireland, sweet and salty snacks, HP Lovecraft, bad kids, animals, loud heavy music music. The color Yellow. Dislikes: Country, stuck up people, reality tv, politics, hypocrites, judgey mcjudgersons, leafy foods. People. Quotes: "You're cool. So, cool." "Unladylike? What? Oh, you're an asshole, got it."

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