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  1. Posted by spicy_knight ,

    @pxnk Nonsense, you haven't failed -yet, failing is just setting this room into private.

  2. Posted by pxnk ,

    @spicy @oppa_ I tried and failed I'm sorry.

  3. Posted by Oppa_ ,

    Yeah i just poped up and i got the blue tag,

  4. Posted by spicy_knight ,

    @oppa_ A good room must be dependent on the Creator's drive, it's saddening to see rooms casted out by the public.

  5. Posted by Oppa_ ,

    @spicy eh bitter sweet cant say i expected much here

  6. Posted by spicy_knight ,

    @oppa_ Oof.

  7. Posted by Oppa_ ,

    @spicy dont worry my man this things abandoned

  8. Posted by spicy_knight ,

    @oppa_ @pxnk I suggest you remove the brothel, as uses who see that will try to make smut regardless.

  9. Posted by jerick937 ,

    Age: 21 Name: Jerick Role: Escort (for female clients only) Gender: Male (Note my character doesn't have the wolverine claws in this.)

  10. Posted by Oppa_ ,

    Oh no im terrible at that sweetie//

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