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    @emiko // Thank you’n

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    @glacier welcome Arianna ^^

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    Character Template 🌷🌷 🍃 -----Basic Info---- 🍃 🌿 Name­: Arianna 🌿 Nickname: Ari 🌿 Species:genie 🌿 Bloodtype: O- 🌿 Place of Birth: England. 🌿 Age: 18 🌿 Date of Birth: 1999, August 16 🌿 Height: 5’4 🌿 Weight: Don’t ask me. 🌿 Hair Type: wavy and thick and is Platinum blonde. 🌿 Eyes: one is a dark emerald shade while the other is a lift pale blue shade. 🌿 Body Features: Curvy but overall not bad. 🌿 Tattoo/­ Piercings: she has a septum piercing, ear piercings that go up her ear, and two snakebites and a belly button ring. Her body is covered with tattoos. She has giant angel wins coverin her back, a peacock feather swirl on her v-line. She has a ; behind her ear, she has a forearm sleeve that has a bunch of words that’ll never bring her down again. 🌻 --Character Info-- 🌻 🌿 Personality­: she’s cocky, stubborn, and cold to most people. 🌿 Habits: she bites her nails, she calms herself down by biting her lip. 🌿 Likes: she loves books, knives, guns, black and animals. 🌿 Dislikes: she hates veggies and mean people. 🌿 Fears: she is scared of dying, drowning. 🌿 Conditions: she has heterochromia. Causing her eyes to be different colours. 🌿 Relationsh­ip Status: single 🌿 Sexual Orientation: heterosexual 🌿 Bio: both her parents were killed and she killed they guy who did it and that’s how she started off. 🍁🍁 Abilities InfoSkill Set🍁🍁 🍁Powers: none 🍁Talents: throwing knives, good with sniper rifles 🍁Weapon: she has 7 knives on ear body (to be revealed later) and two hip pistols. 🍁 Weakness: she is a sucker for animals. 💀 Created by @Terunori 💀

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