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    (But who else us awake? Lol)

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    Imawake //

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    @asunalife563 Sayori smiled and turned back to the stage, awaiting whatever other impossibly well planned things Serenity had planned.

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    Leans in and whispers "Only Monikaaaaaa"

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    She smiled and nodded. She make fake it for others tonight, But for Sayori it was genuine. She loved how she felt with her @theoddoracle

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    "It's my job to worry, remember?" She smiled softly. "Besides, you can't hardly tell what happened to your eye anymore anyways."

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    Noice @astrobabeツ ) She sighed softly as she peckes her cheek once finished "Thank you so much." She whispered, hugging her from across the desk "I dont need people to worry. Excwpt for you."

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    I’ll continue in the morning 💤 ||

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