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  1. Posted by Amadeus_Kurisu ,

    (Two of the ideas we entertained in this roleplay are in a mod, I just discovered. Bringing Natsuki food every weekday and the big stage rental for the festival. I just wanted to note the funny coincidence.)

  2. Posted by asunalife563 ,

    Why cant Dan Salvato hint at his next game?

  3. Posted by 아기상어 ,

    @robbie_101 dm

  4. Posted by spicy_robbie ,

    @iz_zach dm

  5. Posted by 아기상어 ,

    @asunalife563 ty

  6. Posted by 아기상어 ,

    @robbie_101 bro I'm pissed and yeah I'm at work which is home also it's complicated

  7. Posted by asunalife563 ,

    Go ahead lol

  8. Posted by spicy_robbie ,

    @iz_zach I thought you was at work ?. Yeah you can

  9. Posted by 아기상어 ,

    Can I chill here to blow off steam?

  10. Posted by spicy_robbie ,

    I walk into class and sat at the front on a desk and look around *

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