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    @katania (yes)

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    @atkins Oh kyo a cool name! mine is bella

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    Name: Katania Age: 3 (21 in human years) Gender: Female Like: Trees, mountains, caves, the night, being more powerful than others, windy days, leading others, hunting, fighting, blood, chasing things, and adventures Dislikes: The weak, pups, snow, crows, and lot of attention Pack: Air Elemental Powers: Air & water Breed: Eastern wolf @shadewolf14 Is this good?

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    Roman stayed alone, his tired eyes falling closed against his will.

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    @shadewolf14 My tail hits yours and I look over to you and smile. “By the way I’m Kyo.”

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    @shadewolf14 @atkins watched still

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    @atkins *i blushes shyly*

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    @shadewolf14 “Oh..” I blush and smile at you before looking up at the sky with my tail wagging

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