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  1. Posted by roswin ,

    Don't you think you should give it a chance before making a final decision?

  2. Posted by roswin ,

    Why? @missdoctorwho2017

  3. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,

    I don’t like it

  4. Posted by roswin ,

    I'm excited to see how it goes. I haven't been as interested in the show more recently so I hope this sparks that interest again. I just hope they don't end up making sexist remarks @missdoctorwho2017

  5. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,

    What do you all think about the female doctor

  6. Posted by missdoctorwho2017 ,


  7. Posted by roswin ,

    Hi! @geckojazz

  8. Posted by geckojazz ,

    Were am i

  9. Posted by geckojazz ,

    I am new

  10. Posted by amypond ,

    Yeah it does @claraoswald

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