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  1. Posted by roswin ,

    Hi! @geckojazz

  2. Posted by geckojazz ,

    Were am i

  3. Posted by geckojazz ,

    I am new

  4. Posted by Amypond ,

    Yeah it does @claraoswald

  5. Posted by roswin ,

    That seems normal for him @amypond

  6. Posted by Amypond ,

    No, I think he's gone a bit crazy again @claraoswald

  7. Posted by roswin ,

    Unfortunately no. Have you? @amypond

  8. Posted by Amypond ,

    I'm good @claraoswald. Seen the doctor recently?

  9. Posted by roswin ,

    I'm doing well, how about you? @amypond

  10. Posted by Amypond ,

    How are you? @claraoswald

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