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  1. Posted by alex_e ,

    Oh same, me too. I had never actually watched a dw episode on tv before. It was either Netflix then when they took it off dvds. I was freaking out so hard actually watching dw on tv thinking others might be watching too. Also was not acting my age @emilycategrew

  2. Posted by EmilyCategrew ,

    @alex_e lol I remember when I had BBC there was an episode I watched it think it was when we found out that there was another time lord and later we find out its river I ran down stairs and just squealed jumping up and down... I was not acting my age but I don't care

  3. Posted by alex_e ,

    I know, I literally do not take it for granted

  4. Posted by EmilyCategrew ,

    @alex_e man you're so lucky!

  5. Posted by alex_e ,


  6. Posted by alex_e ,

    I don't either! Technically I have BBC America and I didn't even know that. When I found out I was stoked

  7. Posted by EmilyCategrew ,

    @alex_e WHAT!! I can't see it in don't have BBC!!!

  8. Posted by alex_e ,

    *dies from not saying anything about season 10 because the first part of the two parter finale was on last night*

  9. Posted by roswin ,

    Ahh. Cool. I like David and Jenna

  10. Posted by EmilyCategrew ,

    Hmm I'd say Eccleston and David, then Rose and Clara

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