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  1. Posted by river_song ,

    okay, i'll continue.. I'm Missy.

  2. Posted by river_song ,

    Are we using quotes to greet each other now?

  3. Posted by Alex_Holmes ,

    Hello sweetie!

  4. Posted by river_song ,

    I am still looking for people for my discord server.

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  7. Posted by river_song ,

    This chat has to liiiive. *faints*

  8. Posted by Prinny ,

    Hello! I am selling a 10th doctor 1:1 replica sonic screw driver that is also a programmable tv remote! https://m.ebay.ca/itm/Doctor-Who-Programmable-TV-Remote-10th-Doctor-RARE/173357134860?hash=item285ce3f40c:g:9lIAAOSw7kVbGuAK

  9. Posted by river_song ,

    Tell everyone the bitch is back! @claraoswald

  10. Posted by roswin ,

    Indeed. Wouldn’t mind you doing so honestly @masters_upgrade

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