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    @skellymouse @vendetta @highwaystar @bloodfeather is this dead already?))

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    "An apology without direction is just as lost as a lone duck," Tal'Liah chuckled. She sobered. "Our woods seem to have become more populated." @bloodfeather

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    (( @vendetta @highwaystar @bloodfeather ^^ ))

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    Emily hummed to herself lightly as she threw the translucent silk nighty over her body. She peeked over her shoulder and giggled a bit. "You don't have to be so shy love. We are both girls after all." she climbed u far the covers and pul led out a medical journal that she began to read by the light of the lantern on the nightstand. "What do you think of or little traveling party love? I don't think we'll make it very far at this rate."

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    @narwhal @highwaystar @bloodfeather The blue eyed girl shook her head. "I don't mind sharing" she said softly, turning her head as the woman began to change her clothing. Alexandria never lived like this before, but as an aspiring traveller, it's what she signed up for. She crossed her arms and stared at the wall, attempting to give her privacy

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    (( @vendetta @highwaystar @bloodfeather I hate forgetting to tag ))

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    Emily huffed and stood up from her chair, grabbing her bag and coat. "Well fine. If you're going to sleep there I'll be in the bedroom." as she sauntered away and walked into the only bedroom. "You don't mind sharing a bed, do you love?" without waiting for an answer she had begun to take out of her clothes and into her nightgown.

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    @narwhal @highwaystar @bloodfeather Oh boy, they were going to find out how incompetent she truly was, sooner than she had anticipated. The blonde sighed and walked into the room with her trunk. She slipped out of her other clothes and pulled on an oversized tunic and a pair of men's trousers. She'd be more comfortable sleeping in that. Her long hair flowed down her back. The lodge had began to warm up now that the fire had been lit. It would be so different for her now. Wearing pants and tunics, instead of corsets and heavy dresses. She would miss it. The top of the tunic was left untied and it showed a bit of cleavage. The girl didn't notice it however.

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    John snickered at the events unfurling before him. "This is the posse I'm ridin with?" He asked almost mockingly. The cowboy then shook his head and sighed. "Well nevermind. Rest up. We're leaving first sign of sunrise." And without another word, John pulled his hat brim down bellow his eyes, and began to relax while smoking. @narwhal @bloodfeather @vendetta

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    @vendetta @bloodfeather @highwaystar I can never remember to tag smh))

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