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    I am

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    @the_fallen_prince @stoner_bixtch Are y’all alive?

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    @the_fallen_prince “U-um no don’t be sorry.” He responded looking to his side, finally able to use full words. He finally built up a bit of courage and kissed Caspian for less than a second “Now we’re even again.” He rubbed his arm, not having much else to say.

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    @broadgay "I'm really sorry, It was just an instinct.", he said quietly as he avoided eye contact.

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    @the_fallen_prince @stoner_bixtch Alex shook his head “N-no. I- it’s just- I don’t- I do-“ he cut himself off when he realized he was probably making no sense whatsoever. He felt like pinching himself, was this a dream?

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    Caspian quickly pulled away and looked up at Alex, not knowing how the boy felt. "Sorry, I shouldn't have -" @broadgay @stoner_bixtch

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    Alex’s eyes widened and his face was red. He wasn’t sure if he was annoyed at Bear or if he should thank her later. He felt like every 16 year old girl in bad but usually iconic movies. @stoner_bixtch @the_fallen_prince

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    @broadgay @stoner_bixtch Caspian looked up at the roof to see a familiar face leaning over it. His face turned immensely red at the suggestion. He looked up at Alex and gently brushed his lips against his while the taller boy was still leaving down.

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    Bear grins and she leans over the roof "JUST KISS ALREADY" she shouts out it echoing as more students turn to see where the source of the noise had came from Bear smiles "I ship it So hard" she says to herself smileing a chesire cat type of smile ((@broadgay @the_fallen_prince

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    @the_fallen_prince Alex looked confused for a good few seconds before gasping “Oh my God!” He laughed.

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