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    She followed her instructions and nodded. @jessicaleighcd

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    @supercroc599 "It happens. Relax. Use your dominant eye to aim. Look down the rear sight finding the front one, then the target. Focus on the sights, more than the targets and pull the trigger in one fluid motion." She stood behind Vasetta, turning her hips some.

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    She took it and held it in an off stance. She aimed it and fired. She barely hit the target. "Awww" @jessicaleighcd

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    @supercroc599 "You're welcome to try." Tasha released the clip from the handgun, then slid another back in and chambered a round. She laid the gun on the pedestal then stepped back looking at Vasetta. "It's all yours hun."

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    Bruno put his hands on his knees. His legs were bouncing as he sighed and scratched his stubble.It was obvious that he was uncomfortable just sitting around.

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    She followed and looked at it. "I've never fired one. M-may I try?" @jessicaleighcd

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    "Morning Fangs." Tasha chucked slightly them started rebooting the drone system. It was going to take a while so she made her way down to the armory and turned on the lights for the shooting range. She loaded up a target and let the mechanism run it bank. She dropped the magazine into a Glock 43 9mm, then gripped it in her mechanical hand. It held steady, no issues with any recoil as she unloaded the 6 shot magazine into the paper target.

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    She woke up and yawned looking around. Her metabolism took care if the excess. @wolfman_jack @jaegermanjenson

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    Bruno leaned towards jason.”So what did the old man say about our info?”He said scratching his stubble. @jaegermanjenson @jessicaleighcd

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    @jaegermanjenson *Massive facepalm.*

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