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    Brb phone trouble))

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    "Alice walks into the cave h hello anyone here"

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    I kept walking and found a sort of cave and so I went inside hoping to be alone and safe until she find a way to become human again. Well at least find clothes to cover herself with and the new cock was quite in my way as well "finally... Now I just need clothes so those weird creature don't see me naked"

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    @sheik_ssb4 Kazuki walked around the outskirts of the kingdom with her Hoodie on. She really did not like to be known as the demon kings daughter even though she could be quite rude and careless, her father met nothing to her. Entering the kingdom she would have to turn her head to look around since the eyepatch on her eye didn't help; even if she couldn't see through that eye, raising an eyebrow she noticed a naked woman walking through the kingdom as she tried to cover herself with her arms. Kazuki laughed at the woman but since that caused to attract attention to herself she just chuckled quickly following this woman.

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    It's okay love @unknown_hero_愛 ))

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    @sheik_ssb4 my responses might be a little slow since I type slow lol||

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    Alright)) I slowly woke up by a strange river the water was a pale red and the land seemed not dead but I just couldn't explain it, on time I was in the city then I wake up I'm this strange place, a castle was visible in the distance and when I looked at myself my skin was black and strange marking we're on my skin, I was also naked and something was new down there I had more then just a pussy there also was a cock "W-where am I ?" She said looking around only seeing the castle "I guess I have no choice" she say walking toward the castle naked covering her breast and new parts

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    Yeah I am ready

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    @sheik_ssb4 yeah, I don't mind||

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