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    (Sorry about not replying guys, I broke my phone badly... And yeah.) Rosalin raises her eyebrow and sighs. "Can you guys try to stop fighting. Ambrose. What is wrong?" she asks

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    He looked down at ambrose then up at her "He tried to kill you" He said as he held the plasma pistol to his head" @snowwolf_22

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    "Guys! Stop it. Its a kid." Rosalin snaps at them, a human girl in her arms. She had taken off her jacket and gave it to the little girl, keeping her warm. "The monsters seem to blanch out the little girl. I think its because she is too young for the monsters to get a proper meal." Rosalin says, the little girl holding onto Rosalin tightly whilst looking at Rudy and Ambrose with wide eyes. @sirwatson @thedlvproject

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    Rudy saw him and tackled ambrose against the wall "What the hell are you doing toy stupid man" @snowwolf_22 @sirwatson

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    @snowwolf_22 Ambrose would rise an eyebrow looking back at her wondering what she was doing and wondering how dumb she was being. He took hold of his weapon and soon turned aiming it at the human.

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    Rosalin crept forward a little more and bent down to the humans level. "Who are you?" Rosalin asks quietly@thedlvproject @sirwatson

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    @snowwolf_22 Ambrose would start to pray... Having thrown all his money into his relationship with his religion, He was a highly "Trusted." Member, Someone who gave all their money just for a title.

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    Rosalin sighed and activated her device around her wrist. It sputtered to life and showed Rudy and Ambrose on her screen. She scanned it around them and gasped, a human form was shrouded in the darkness... Watching them. She walked towards the human and stopped 5 feet away. "Who are you?" Rosalin asked quietly, not sure if any of the others heard her.@thedlvproject @sirwatson

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    @snowwolf_22 @thedlvproject Ambrose was facing the marker in his mind for now, His rambling fills the air.

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