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    @angels_darkness_ hiya ))

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    Hey everyone)

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    🌟Basics🌟 Name: Kevin Woods Nickname: Kev Age: 20-27 (depending on rp) Height: 5'7" Weight: 145lbs Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship status: Single Weapons: A kukri and a Desert Eagle. 🕵Appearance/personality💥 Body build: thin and slightly muscled Personality: Outgoing Enthusiastic Optimistic Positive Helpful Respectful Loyal Brave Protective Stupid Explosive Destructive ✔Likes✔ His kukri Socialising Making his presence known Battle Reading Remembering the past Conversation Travel Company Explosions 🚫Dislikes🚫 Losing/Defeat Being spoke down to Being insulted Stereotypes Disrespect The dead Traitors Spies Threats Unnecessary killing 🏳Fears🏳 Whales Having his beard trimmed 📣Quotes📣 "Holy dooly." "Float like a butterfly, kick like a kangaroo." "Wanker."

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    @angels_darkness_ @harlequinthequeen "Your right we should move.. where to tho they will be coming from all angles?" He says as he takes out his pistol ready to take a make or break fun for an exit if needed "We need a choice fast" he says as he could see a few corpses coming in the distance meaning a lot must he close

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    @australia yes)

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    Since my character is on hold can I add a second? ))

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    The man scrambled to grab his backpack and his rifle, booting open the door and standing up in the street - he groans, trying to find a way into the building beside him. @harlequinthequeen

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    Right, finally done with exams and the aftermath. I'm back now. 😅 ))

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    Siobhan's head darts up at the unexpected alarm. Her hand was immediately on the handle of her baseball bat. "Guys, we can't stay here..." She says quietly. Other than the car alarm, the night was still, but that didn't mean it'd stay that way for long. Someone's probably close to here, or a z got too excited, it didn't matter, that sound was a siren call to any rotting corpse in a mile radius. @markmeltzer @dylan__lucy @angels_darkness_ @gods_shadow_

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    In the back of a convertible sedan with a soft felt roof, a particularly disgruntled man bordering upon middle age wakes up from slumber in a loose black shirt unbuttoned and a pair of navy jeans and worker boots. He groans, causing the empty bottle of Jack Daniels to fall onto a pile of empty small airplane mini alcohol bottles with a loud clink. Within a moment a particularly decayed Starbucks waitress paws her hands up against the window. The man groans and reaches into the front of the sedan, pulling an M16A1 off the leather drivers seat and fires a shot at her head groggily. The window shatters loudly and the former woman's grey matter splatters onto the pavement below and on that moment the car alarm goes off with deafening sound in addition to the shot ringing out into the empty street. The man grumbles the word "Shit." And slumps back into a laying position in misery. This commotion could be heard from the building opposite, the noise quite clear to them and most definitely the zombies it would bring to their doorstep. @dylan__lucy @angels_darkness_ @harlequinthequeen

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